That Which Animates You Sustains You Is you by realitylove

Now remember who you are
what you are here for
why you live
why you breathe my breath
why you think with my mind
my body my life
my essence
that which animates you sustains you is you
is me
for I am source I am life I am love I am every good thing
and all things
for I am all that is in all through all as all
and you should know anything that separates you from me is illusion
therefore anything that separates you from all that is is illusion
understand that you are here to bring forth the magnificence of life through your own enjoyment
through all that is here for you to experience to understand to expand upon and to be
yes this is your birthright
your life your existence in alignment with the great I AM
this is your calling this is why you exist
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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