What is it that You Seek by realitylove

What is it that you seek
what is it that you long for
what is it that motivates you to act and do
it is the presence of source within you
it is the life force and
the unique desires implanted within you
that is source’s calling
that is source’s way of expanding and experiencing through you
it is what motivates you to do
and act
however, you have the co-creative power to choose what exactly you act upon and how you view it
what intentions are behind it
when you become aware of these intentions
these moment to moment choices
you begin to see the patterns more clearly
and understand who you truly are
how you are truly behaving
and are empowered to make new decision
informed by an awareness beyond the typical mindless chattering of human existence apart from alignment
that is what we mean by sleeping
many are asleep and unaware of what is happening within them
many do not know themselves and have not taken the time to figure out
why they are doing what they are doing
Once you finally decide to open up and go within
once you finally decide to explore who you truly are
you begin seeking asking and knocking
and what you find will surprise you indeed
it will surprise you because you discover your connection to source
you discover that you are an extension of source
of spirit
of the great one mind that has put all into action
you discover your desires are from source
and that you are a part of a grand design for fulfillment
for love
for experience
for balance
for enjoyment
for co-creation
what a wonderful blessing indeed
align with source and see no limit to the love
the power
the joy the peace
and all good things
you desire
for your desire comes from the original source of all things
just spend time practicing the things that help you align and get to know what is real beyond your own current conditioned thinking
learn to stop the mind from distracting you
and begin focusing on Now
focusing on breathing
focusing on whatever teaches you self control
so you can begin focusing on greater things
thoughts and feelings of love for example
are a great start
but you will move beyond that and begin focusing on the pressing questions
that are in your life
and you will ask and receive the answers
you will access knowledge that can benefit your life and the lives of others
in ways that source intended
ways that are profound in their impact for the best and highest of all concerned

let go of your resistance
and your deeply embedded bad habits –
bad conditioned thinking
that produces the opposite of what you truly desire in your life –
and replace them with good thoughts
good habits that confirm the limitless nature of source and your possession of the same qualities
due to your nature as an extension of source
there is nothing more important than alignment
simple as that
there is nothing more significant
than your alignment
presence and awareness
there is nothing more powerful than alignment
that is simply the state in which you were meant to live and have your being

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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On effective Meditation to align with Source and “fool proof” practices by realitylove

Piotr Bartnicki: I suppose my goal is to align with source. To do this I am practicing meditation each day.  However there are always a few doubts in my mind as to whether I am meditating correctly – am I forcing myself to be silent to much? Should I allow more? If I allow too much will I become unconscious? Should I force myself to stop thinking, or is this too much resistance?

I try to relax and just keep it simple; focus on some serene music or a water fountain, or my breath going in and out. I just wanted to know whether there is any way that I can be absolutely sure that I am doing the meditation process correctly. Because what worries me is that I will be meditating for years and then realize I was doing it wrong, and that all of that time was lost.

Also, during the day, is there any “fool-proof” practice that I can follow to raise my vibration? In the past I have tried to be aware of my body as I walk down the street, but often I lose consciousness by getting lost in my thoughts; mostly my imagination. Is it simply a matter of trying harder?

Thanks a lot for your help. I wish I could follow a spiritual practice without always doubting myself, or failing constantly because my mind takes me over.
Reality/Love:  It is important to focus your mind on stilling your thinking so you may elevate your consciousness from the habitual practices you have become accustomed to thus far.  The stilling of your mind allows space for source to commune with you. Yes.  You may also try focusing your mind on a thought of high vibration, suchy as love. Yes.  Anything that moves your soult to think upon, that you are passionate about and that is of the highest good will help elevate yourself to a frequency where source will commune with you  more easily.  Yes.

Your ability to focus your mind will grow with practice.  Stilling your mind and thoughts is not something you are already accustomed to and it is much like learning any new behavior – it takes time and practice.  However, the fact that you are on the journey and seeking practices that work for you is what is important most of all.  Be patient with yourself and accept whatever comes through your efforts because you are making progress and you will receive the very lesson source has for you in any given moment if you allow yourself to open up – allow yourself to raise your frequencey naturally.  It will come. Yes.  Be patient and allow the process to unfold and do your best to let go of judgment, let go of any specific expectation of time and place. Yes.

As for your question regarding a fool proof method – there are so many ways to connect durring the day with source and you are using some of them. It is only importaqnt that you seek to find those that work best.  If one seems to work at a time but stops sudenly, then seek another.  There is no specific practice that you must do and in fact you may do many.  It would do you well to enjoy them as modes of transportation. Yes. Such as walking. Such as riding a bus. Such as riding a plane. Each mode can be enjoyed for what it is. Yes.  But each gets you there in a specific amount of time different from the other. Yes.  None is better than the other so you must understand you simply need to find practices you enjoy most and be presence as you are doing.  Monitoring your breathing. Yes.  Being conscious of your body and your overall presence. Yes.  These are all good things to continue.  You will do fine if you continue and let go of any expectation of time and place.  Yes.

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