You Are The Christ by realitylove

For there is nothing that will separate you from love
who you are
what you are
what is around you in you as you
you are love
an extension of love
interpret that in whatever way helps you feel the true power feel the true nature of who and what you really are
not the identity you have come to accept for yourself as this name or that
this person or that person
this behavior or that
you are in true essence God
Understand this is true
it is not blasphemy
it is what is
your social conditioning is the only reason you resist this
but that social conditioning is not working for you to manifest fulfillment on every level
thus let go of this conditioned thinking that limits your nature
and realize you are limitless love
limitless God
limitless knowledge
limitless presence
you are all of this and more
you are the Christ
the Buddha
the Krishna
the Shiva
you are all that is needed in this world to affect the change you want to see
the change within
that will spread without
for all around you is source
all within you is source
blameless and pure
feel the love and let it fill you
allow it to emerge fully within you through the practices we have shared and you will
melt away the limiting beliefs just as you desire
breath deep
allow source to move allow your cells to be filled with the energy and abundance available at all times
be rejuvenated by source energy
and be refreshed and relieved by trusting in this power this life force
this energy this essence of your true nature
your consciousness and higher and best self
to bring about all that you desire
follow the inspiration and guidance you receive from within
be aware of all that is occurring within you in this moment
and let go of worry, concern fear
give in to all the beauty and blessings life has bestowed upon you now and know that you are already blessed with every good thing
appreciate your life now
do whatever necessary to maintain this gratitude
this vibration of love for what is
and seek to enjoy even more
expanding your ability to benefit from who and what you and this experience is
you are all that you need
the answer
the light
the love
the guidance
it is all within you
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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