The purpose of all existence by realitylove

this is right
this is for certain
that you are here to prosper to enjoy
to be bliss, limitless love
this is the purpose of all existence
and it is up to you to find that which expresses love best for you
there are many ways to do so
many thoughts many feelings
as you find that which moves you best you will see indeed that your circumstances shift to meet the corresponding thoughts
it is the same with all thinking with all being
with all feeling
if you concentrate you can
align yourself consciously with the will of source
and bring about all that your soul desires
true fulfillment
you must take the time to listen and apply the knowledge received
train your mind to focus
moment to moment
and you will see speedy results
open your eyes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Alignment from Moment to Moment by realitylove

let go of the thoughts that lead you in contrast to that which you really deserve
that which you really desire
for there are things in this world that matter and those that do not
believe it or not
certain things do not
and those are thoughts that are contrary to truth
the constructs and pointless insanity that drive  you toward fear and suffering
these do not matter
realize only that which matters is the internal state in which you find your self in this moment
if you are not feeling free
if you are not feeling inspired
or joyous or grateful
or some other form of love some other form of aligned vibration
then you are not truly living in that which matters
instead you are caught up in something irrelevant
some construct or illusion that will not serve your purpose in this life
and what is that purpose
it is fulfillment
alignment from moment to moment
to be limitless love
to feel love to be and feel bliss
yes this is why you are here and if you are not living that purpose now
then what are you doing
what are you living for
let go surrender to that which is deep within you now
that which permeates your body and even your mind
know that source is all love
and that love is within you
through you
as you and around you
all you need do is surrender and allow it to guide your conscious mind
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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