We Are Here to Live Fulfilling Lives by realitylove

For what is it worth for a man
to gain his soul
yet lose the very things his soul desires to have be and do
that is nothing of the sort of life we are here to live
that is nonsense
and confusion
that is confilction with the true essence of who we are
for we are here to live fulfilling lives
and every good thing
and if you are not doing so it is because you have chosen to entertain the conditioned thinking of society
of illusion and of un-fulfillment
choose you this day whom you will serve
love is passion love is God love is all good things
love is joy
know your passion know your God know your good things know your joy
this will allow you to proceed with certainty and say yes to God
yes to your nature your true essence and your highest self
this my friend is the path to certainty
fulfillment love actualization manifestation and NOW
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Unfolding by realitylove

what is it
it is the process of becoming your true self
it is the process of becoming that which you came into this world to be
more than just the limited human existence you have become so accustom to seeing
it is an existence full of limitless love
full of miracles
full of joy and bliss
full of peace
full of healing
it is an existence full of certainty and peace
full of excitement and surprise
full of all the wondrous good that you can imagine
and more
that is the existence that you strive for through alignment
that is the existence that awaits those who practice alignment from moment to moment
that is the existence that is open to any who would become their true selves
through alignment with source
transformation is not difficult
it takes concentration, focus
and practice
concentration on thoughts and feelings of love
focus to let go of distractions and maintain that awareness maintain that sense of well-being
focused on the vibrations and feelings, thoughts of love
and you will see transformation much sooner through this alignment
you will see transformation rapidly through trusting source
let go of the resistance to guidance you receive
put it into practice and see the results
yes you have tried before
but you often hang on to thoughts and feelings contrary to love
so you cannot expect to unfold
you cannot expect to truly align with source
when you are holding on to thoughts that are opposed to truth
let go by changing your focus
let go by changing your focus to love
this again is the fastest way to transformation
to removing blocks to becoming that which source has for you to be
do not fear
do not worry do not think it is not working for you
be patient
practice and know that you will break through
you will receive the understanding you need to accept all the good source has for you
you will if you continue to give yourself to practice continue to give yourself to growth
there is no single destination
remember that
consciousness is an ever-expanding journey
an ever-expanding opportunity
an ever-expanding joy
to experience in all of its glory
so do not feel you must get to a certain point
instead you must continue to put your faith in source
growing each day
more and more
moment by moment
and allow yourself to be led to different insights
allow yourself to be led through different experiences
all the while practicing awareness of your connection to love
your connection to source

the path to fulfillment is yours for the taking
continue to practice and you will see results
do not give up
do not get frustrated or impatient
realize that you are exactly where you need to be for your consciousness to expand to where it needs to grow
allow source to guide you through the many ways source will give you truth
know that you can go within at any time and seek the answers
they will be provided according to your desire yes
this is the truth of your life
and know it well

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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