All you need do to feel, to understand to know its true meaning by realitylove

yes and you are that which is
you are all that is
you are spirit, source, god creation and creator
you are the amazing manifest
and all of you is spirit
allow that to sink in and understand
that all you need do to feel, to understand to know its true meaning
is allow your true essence to flow
your true essence is not the reactive limits and conditioned thinking you experience when frustrated
angry or resistant to what is
what your true essence is composed of is love, joy
enthusiasm gratitude
this is the natural state of your being
you only need let go of the conditioning that separates you from experiencing the truth of who you are
by refocusing your mind on that which is in alignment with your true nature
if sin were your true nature
then there would be no salvation for you since you are source
as an extension and as the full expression of what source wants to be in this moment
collectively and individualized
understand you are free to do and be as you please
but there is only one way to find peace happiness and joy
there is only one way to find fulfillment
and that is through love
that is the through reaching those internal states that align you with the truth
align you with reality
not appearances
but the spiritual
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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