The Purpose of Existance – Ever Expanding Experiences & More by realitylove

Oh how precious is this life
and all that this life is

for you are one part of the whole
you are one extension of a greater sum
that makes up the balance of creation
the balance of life and all that is
that is source
that is life
that is the universe
but it extends well beyond what you comprehend what you imagine
and what even your science has thus far described
more and more will be revealed over time from those who pioneer
to experience and describe what has been found
but realize that the full experience is ever expanding and there will continue to be new experiences new revelations
and new frontiers
as that is the nature of source and that is the nature of life
the very purpose of existence
to expand to give birth to new experience
and to manifest more for all less for none
the cycle of life is a complex yet simple thing at the same time
complex in the scope of understanding through the limited nature of your logic
and simple in the scope of function
now let your life be lived in seeking alignment moment to moment
and you will experience all you are here to experience
realize that you are on your given or chosen path
because you have decided so
there is nothing to stop you from deciding differently at any time but all will work for the good of your experience
the good of your soul’s journey because of who you are
an extension of the very power which set the world in motion
which composed and infuses the world
the universe
and all of existence
you are of that same power that same presence and that same wisdom
you are of that some love
that same vibration
raise your standards of living to match that of source
and you will be limitless in your impact
limitless in your love
limitless in your abundance
know that life is yours for the having
and your birthright is that of pure bliss
yes that is your birthright
that is why you have come into this world
cast off anything that would stop you from following your hearts’ desires
and know that source is here to help you in every way
do what it takes to see source in each moment
and you will grow in your ability to see through sources eyes
to experience alignment and to shine your light
that is your birthright indeed

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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