Jesus the Saint by realitylove

No other name given to men
can be uttered without understanding the significance of the Christ
this consciousness this legend
this myth and all that surrounds it
for the reality is Jesus the character you know and hear of was a saint
in full connection to source
and in reality existed as one who came in fullness of love with clear connection to source
clear vision and understanding of source and who source is in him as him through him
this same life is yours
can be completely fulfilled to the same degree by any one of you
for it is simply a matter of truly aligning moment to moment
and letting source live through you unimpeded by the illusions unimpeded by the conditioned thinking and the limited understanding and faulty reasoning of the mind
let your thoughts rest on that of love
let that empower you and align with these vibrations to bring you the clarity, the connection the fulfilment and life you are here to lead
this is key this is important this is simple
focus your mind on feelings and thoughts of love
and let source bring the vibration, the energy the power the presence the fullness you are missing into your life

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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