All you need do to feel, to understand to know its true meaning by realitylove

yes and you are that which is
you are all that is
you are spirit, source, god creation and creator
you are the amazing manifest
and all of you is spirit
allow that to sink in and understand
that all you need do to feel, to understand to know its true meaning
is allow your true essence to flow
your true essence is not the reactive limits and conditioned thinking you experience when frustrated
angry or resistant to what is
what your true essence is composed of is love, joy
enthusiasm gratitude
this is the natural state of your being
you only need let go of the conditioning that separates you from experiencing the truth of who you are
by refocusing your mind on that which is in alignment with your true nature
if sin were your true nature
then there would be no salvation for you since you are source
as an extension and as the full expression of what source wants to be in this moment
collectively and individualized
understand you are free to do and be as you please
but there is only one way to find peace happiness and joy
there is only one way to find fulfillment
and that is through love
that is the through reaching those internal states that align you with the truth
align you with reality
not appearances
but the spiritual
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Alignment with the best and highest vibrations of feelings and thoughts by realitylove

let go of all limitations you have accepted as real
let go of the restrictions you have placed on your ability
for the truth is as an extension of source
your abilities are limitless
you must simply find a way to tap into them that works
for you
yes persistence is important
as is patience with yourself and with your growth process
but most important is your ability to align with truth and let go of the false conditioning you have accepted
this is key
alignment with the best and highest vibrations of feelings and thoughts you can obtain will lead to greater strength greater power
you will expand your ability to align and serve to manifest what is best and highest for all concerned
for how can you do this and deny yourself
when you are source, when you are one with all that is
the nonsense about self-denial and the confusion you have so long endured
as a whole
is simply an illusion that you must denounce
you must let go and
realize that the only thing you need deny is ignorance
and powerlessness
the only thing you need deny is anything contrary to your deserving limitless love
to be limitless love
to give limitless love
to know you are and already possess limitless love
the only thing you need deny is anything
that tells you you are not already in full possession of all you need
that is your source of power and let nothing tell you otherwise
for all else is not only illusion
but powerless to truly fulfill
yes and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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We are here to Elevate You into a New Understanding by realitylove

We are here to elevate you into a new understanding
to elevate your mind and conscious awareness
so that you might receive constant guidance from source in a clear manner
we are here to lead you away from the confusion
the conditioned darkness you have wandered in
and into a new way of being a new light to illuminate all problems
to bring forth goodness and love in a vibrant manner
so that all who come into your presence will be moved and touched by your healing power
this is the calling this is the life you can lead now
and this is the love you are here to be
thankfully, you are on the path to enlightenment because you have decided by your own desire this is what you want
this is where you are headed and this is the path that we continuously guide you toward for the benefit of all concerned
know that there is nothing that can separate you from the love of source
from the love of God from the love of who you are
because it is part of you
you are an extension indeed
but even more importantly you are filled with this love
it is simply a matter of letting go of resistance and giving into this love that fills you now
know that source is always present equally throughout your body throughout your mind throughout your circumstances throughout the universe
there is no lack of source no lack of love no lack of the presence and power of God anywhere
for as you know source is all present all power all knowledge and all love
there can be no lack of source anywhere
take responsibility for any shortage of what you want in life and figure out how to let go of your resistance your blocks
your uncertainty
figure out how to allow source to move freely through you so that you can fulfil that heart’s desire

know that no good thing will be kept from you
you must undue the conditioning undue the limits
you have put upon yourself
you must cleanse your mind and allow source to fill it with possibility potential love and hope
you must allow source to show you the truth apart from the illusion and insanity of modern-day thinking
let it go and allow source to elevate your consciousness to a new way of being a new way of allowing and a new way of thinking
let source fill your mind with beauty and passion let your mind be free to dream to love to endure with grace and gratitude
that all is well in this moment
and is always so
be sure to remember that now has everything you need
now has all the beauty joy and love you desire
if you would but allow it to come through
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your Solutions are Right Here Now by realitylove

Your solutions are right here now
and ready for you to receive
just let go and stop worrying stop fretting stop concerning yourself with how
focus on what you truly want to transpire and let source take care of the rest
put your Faith in source and the power and ability to manifest all things
put your faith in source and believe that you deserve all good things
and let your heart be free to desire whatever it chooses
let your heart be free to reveal the truth of what you really want
what your higher self knows you are here to have
do not be mislead by the silly conventions and conditioning of this world
that is what it means to be separate from the world but in it
you must allow your heart to communicate the truth of what you are here for and what it desires
what your highest and best self truly desires
for you have become confused with the things that are around you
it has grown into a self-perpetuating force
that you must break free from by simply letting those things go
simply let go and allow source to cleans your mind and heart with Love
allow the love to flow from your heart center and transform your inner being cleansing all limitations
all illusions
all conditioning that causes fear and concern
lack and limitation
allow source to work its magic and you will see that you are here for so much more than fear so much more than the things you have become so accustomed to
let go now and allow source to move in you and inspire you toward your true identity
toward your birthright toward all the power and love
that is within you
there is nothing more important than your alignment and trust in the power within around and through you
all is well
all is well

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your Focus Increases with Practice by realitylove

Your focus increases with practice
and your focus gets stronger in your alignment
through your concentration
your attention to vibrations of love
thoughts and feelings of love
yes this is key to your unfolding, key to your raising your awareness
key to your removing blocks that have kept your source energy from freely flowing through you
you are experiencing a shift in how source expands through you
when you focus on love
this can be a constant process
a constant unfolding and is best when practiced moment to moment
this we have said before
but it is always important to remind you if you are not already practicing consistently from moment to moment
recognize that any resistance to hearing this again is due to not embodying the message
and that is key to understanding how your blocks work in any situation
when you feel resistance you know there are blocks
for resistance is blocking the acceptance the surrender
to what is
you cannot resist what is
but you can create energy that repels what is
and in so doing attract whatever your attention is focused on that you do not like about what is
you only repel seeing the truth of what is
and attract the illusion your fear is focusing on
now it is important to consider
where you are in your awareness
where you are in your alignment at all times
if you are able to be consciously aware of your state of alignment from moment to moment
you can focus your attention to raising your vibration to raising your frequency
and receiving guidance you need for the best and highest action at all times
that is the optimal existence
that is the life of bliss and that is why you are here
the life you are here to lead
called to be an extension of source
living a limitless life
defined by love
that is your role
should you accept it
know that no matter what you do
no matter what path you choose in this existence
you are once again an extension of source and cannot be harmed
cannot do wrong
indeed this is true
for there is no wrong there is no right
despite your conventions
despite your conditioning
there is only what is
and the illusions or truth you choose to see
Ah and yes there are many who believe otherwise
and that is fine
that is their reality in the sense that what is believed is what is attracted
what is experienced
but know you are free to create the life you choose
there are consequences for choices due to cause and effect
due to the nature of what is
but the more you understand these laws the more you understand the nature of what is
the more you understand the necessity of alignment
for those who live out of love choose actions out of love
that cause the best and highest effect
those who choose to focus their mind and being on alignment choose action that is aligned with the best and highest for all
align with the will of the almighty in you as you and through you
align with the best and the highest intent for your life and everyone around you, everyone affected
that is the calling of source that is the path of the righteous
that is the life of limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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