When you consciously align yourself by realitylove

and now we know that you are here to be and do and have
what is best and highest for all
that is the purpose of every existence
yours and all creation
for the balance of life is in perfect attunement
and you may choose to be in harmony with this divine order
or you may resist and cause suffering for yourself
regardless the means
the ways and the balance will be had
with your consent, willingly and consciously
or without
when you consent to the laws , when you consciously align yourself
with them
and allow source to do its will as and through you
you obtain the best and highest fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness
when you resist you suffer
the choice is always yours
and if you give yourself wholly to understanding how to place yourself in a position of alignment, of harmony
if you  give yourself wholly to being limitless love
you will see the miracles from moment to moment
you will be the miracle from moment to moment
because this is reality
whether you recognize it or not
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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