Nothing else matters by realitylove

you are divine in every way
this is the  reality of your existence
you are the incarnate beauty and love
purposefully manifest in this form to enjoy the fruits of living in this contrast
and all you need do is surrender to the machinations of your divine nature
you have no reason to doubt your existence as divine other than that
which you have been taught and observed from others who were taught similar limitations
but notice among you those who are happiest
those who are fulfilled
at last to the degree  you are able to recognize fulfillment
it is those who have mastered their internal states
that find themselves exactly where they want to be
for once you have mastered yourself and know how to be what  you want to be internally
nothing else matters
because whatever you do, you choose to be  happy or whatever state you desire in that moment
the rest is simply participation in expansion, fun, and creation
know enjoyment is meant to be the divine symbol of your nature
an  outpouring of your states of being
and activity, circumstance and any other external
is only a manifestation of the internal
on every level
so many different ways to manifest what is within
and all of them are meant to be enjoyed
this is the purpose
do not attach to any external thing
for then you lose your right thinking
by projecting your power to create the happiness, the fulfillment you seek
and deceiving yourself into believing it is subject to something else
to anything else
your fulfillment your happiness
your power is yours and yours alone for the choosing
nothing can change that because you are an extension of source
yes you are source in an individualized form
don’t you see
you cannot be subject to any other thing but yourself
because you are part of all that is and all that is is part of you
the whole includes you
but you are the same as the whole and the parts
so the truth is
source, as you, and as the whole
will never do anything to make itself unhappy
you have simply created the conditioned thinking that causes you to believe otherwise
and this fantasy
this illusion has brought you your  own creation of suffering
of lack limit
which is all unreal
yes all unreal
wake up oh sleeper and know that now is the time to embrace your freedom
it is yours for the having
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Alignment from Moment to Moment by realitylove

let go of the thoughts that lead you in contrast to that which you really deserve
that which you really desire
for there are things in this world that matter and those that do not
believe it or not
certain things do not
and those are thoughts that are contrary to truth
the constructs and pointless insanity that drive  you toward fear and suffering
these do not matter
realize only that which matters is the internal state in which you find your self in this moment
if you are not feeling free
if you are not feeling inspired
or joyous or grateful
or some other form of love some other form of aligned vibration
then you are not truly living in that which matters
instead you are caught up in something irrelevant
some construct or illusion that will not serve your purpose in this life
and what is that purpose
it is fulfillment
alignment from moment to moment
to be limitless love
to feel love to be and feel bliss
yes this is why you are here and if you are not living that purpose now
then what are you doing
what are you living for
let go surrender to that which is deep within you now
that which permeates your body and even your mind
know that source is all love
and that love is within you
through you
as you and around you
all you need do is surrender and allow it to guide your conscious mind
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The Most Important Goal Is That of Being by realitylove

Momentum is important for anything you do
staying close to the best and highest vibrations in your thoughts your actions your interactions
all of this is important if you wish to effortlessly remain aligned
it is the decisions you make
the choices you make that assist you in each moment in aligning with source
with your true nature
it is the contrast of these experiences
based on your choices
that brings you greater clarity in what your soul wishes to experience
it is an ever expanding ever changing or evolving process
this moment and the next moment are one
however your being-ness your desires and all that is expands continuously
in ways you may or may not be aware of
many of the ways you will continue to become aware of yes
know that all is well and always is
that no matter what your experience
you will learn what you need to whether slowly or quickly
there is no right or wrong way to do so either
one journey may be faster in learning lessons
but miss out on other experiences that another’s soul desires
that is OK
your journey is your journey and the journey of others is theirs
you are here to experience all that is in your unique way
be forgiving
ever accepting and ever loving of yourself your journey
and the rate at which you choose to learn from your experiences
the most important goal is that of being
learning how to be in a way that is most fulfilling
and that way is always what is best and highest for all that is
that way is always limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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There Is All Of This Inside You Now by realitylove

For whatever you think
whatever you know
whatever you feel there is another thing to feel there is contrast there is love there is peace there is turmoil there is so much more
there is all of this inside you now
and focus amplifies whatever you intend to amplify
know that you have power to bring about every state that you wish
you have the power inside of you to bring about anything and everything
indeed this energy inside of you is waiting for you to direct it
create whatever it is you put your focus upon
by letting go of the control
and by allowing your soul to dictate the desires
you are in essence giving in to source
and giving in to the divine will of your life
that surrender to source is surrender to your soul’s blueprint
yes that surrender to source is surrender to the limitless love pulsing through the universe
pulsing through to become that which you have come to be
that is the true nature of your life and you would do well to surrender to it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Your Willingness to Let Go by realitylove

Your alignment and your reliance on source
is always
conditioned by your willingness to let go of attachment let go of judgment
and let go of limitations
source wants to experience vastness and expansion through you
and your judgments your attachments and your limitations prevent that
this is resistance
resistance to the truth of what is
the truth of what is ever-expanding goodness
yes you have heard things are what they are
and there is no right or wrong
no good or bad
however there is good in everything
if you choose to see it
there is good for good is love
good is God
bad is an illusion
good is not
so understand from the perspective of contrast and the perspective
of polar opposites
good and bad are relative and illusory
however from the perspective of source
all is good
and that is where you want be
that is what you need to align with
seeing the good in all
this is important for your continued growth in a way that brings you to the best and highest for all concerned faster
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned by realitylove

Listen closely as once again we direct your attention to that which you need to hear
we are certain if you would listen closely you will gain what you need to continue growing at the fastest rate possible
and applicable for your situation
there is nothing under the sun new you have heard
but we say this
the only thing there is to fear is that which cannot be done
that is the only thing you should fear
and in truth there is nothing that cannot be done
the answer is always how
for that which you seek there are solutions
and as we have already explained it is simple as making yourself available to the correct vibration and putting yourself in that frequency alignment, that position,
to fully feel see and experience it in your state of mind
then the almighty
the universe, source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned in a way that benefits all
understand that life is so complex in its miraculous unfolding
but simple in your role
you are here to experience more than just contrast
you are here to experience the unfolding the bliss
the peace the joy
the love that is all around in and through you
the power
this is you
you are here to cast off limitations to melt blocks
and show the world what it means to be a child of God
for you are God or did you not know
yes you are God
an extension of the true the source the one
that is what you are
and your birthright is to experience the fullness of what you are
to experience the magnificence of this existence and your role in it
you are an ever-expanding ever evolving
always increasing good
and you are a being of unlimited power love and grace
take your place by casting off that which has kept you limited to the illusions
the fears and the constraints your mind has embraced
cast off all limitations
and be open to evolving into new places new spaces
new understanding and greater being
for you are here for a time to shine
not to dimmer
never to be less than
and always to bless those around you with your example of love
your example of light of passion and of joy
be kind to all around you
to your self
to all of creation
know that you are one with this creation with all of humanity with the earth yes with the universe
you are one and you have the responsibility of aligning with your true and highest self
your best self
allow source to guide you to that alignment
and know that you only need focus on “what”
what is love
what is passion
what is joy
what is relief
what is who
what is that which moves your soul
know that all is well and all will work out for the best and highest for all concerned
plug yourself into the flow by removing all resentment from your life
by eradicating resistance and judgment
by accepting the world for the best that it is
and seeing the good in all
by allowing your consciousness to evolve through
focus on thoughts and feelings of love
through focus on benefiting those you care about
through your focus on being a light unto the world
a city on a hill that shines bright for miles and miles
yes that is who and what you are
let source show you how
guiding you step by step
seek ask and knock
trust and know that all will be provided unto you in the best way possible
and so it is

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There is a solution to every desire that you have by realitylove

There is a solution to every desire that you have
in fact your desire is there to lead and guide you to a solution
for what your heart truly wants to experience
what your soul and essence wants to experience through in and as you
realize that it is important to understand allowing
and focusing on love
love is a connection a feeling and a state
love is so many things that you can allow yourself to be
love is joy peace relief
fulfillment even
love is so many things whatever moves your soul and resonates within
that is love
that is what you can focus on to help you align with source
with all that you really are know this and let it be

and now we will share with you another revelation for you to ponder and put your attention to
know that all is well at all times and will always be
so even when you feel differently and struggle in your head
it doesn’t matter for all is well at all times and will always be
not only is stress an illusion, but your mindset
and your states are all illusions too
manifestations of vibration
creation of states
and all the while all is well
your highest true self is changeless and this is indeed you
you are experiencing the contrasts of reality through perception that distorts and creates
but in reality it is exactly how it should be
you are growing and changing
morphing into exactly what you should at every moment whether you enjoy it or not
this contrast creates the very desire creates the very path of growth and expansion for you from moment to moment
realize that the experience can be completely one of bliss should you choose to let go of the conditioned thinking however
if you hold on to it you will feel the resistance to what is
and even that is as it should be
until you know you no longer desire to hold on to the contrasting resistance
that is so

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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There is a Secret Place Within by realitylove

There is a secret place within
you that if you focus to find
will illuminate every question you have
this is the connection to the universal mind, consciousness
the intelligence of all that you hear of
it is your birthright to have this connection and it is your birthright to understand all that you seek to know
you can grow in your usage of this connection through
practices that assist you in letting go of egoic thoughts
letting go of your conditioned mindsets
and embracing that which is from spirit
that which source gave you before
you learned language before you learned thought habits you have acquired through the years of this life
and you just understand that there is a plan for your life
that plan is for you to experience joy
contrast and fulfillment
through growth
through progress
through the lessons you learn on your journey
there is no instant moment where everything is permanently fixed for you
everything is always good for you now
it is always expanding as it should be
moving fluctuating
and allowing the balance and change that source wants to experience though the universe
you must learn to allow and let go of the attachments that resist this change
let go of the attachments that cause you so much pain
and know that all is well in every moment
every circumstance
every appearance
all is well
trust and know that you are the extension of source
on the exact path that you are supposed to be on
and if you would allow and seek and find those practices
that put you in alignment with source
with your own soul
with that which transcends the mundane
you will know what true living is
true existence
true love
you will know first hand what you have heard many times before
that there is a God and that God is Source
that God is within you
in you as you through you
and that God is all that is
that God is love
that God is peace
understanding joy and fulfillment
that God is more than your logical mind will ever comprehend
but that your entire being can experience
in so many ways
learn your lessons well and be open and available for the guidance source is sending you now
and you will find the fulfillment that is perfect for you
in every way
allow be do have and experience all that is good
know that all is good
and you will have no difficulty in doing so

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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