Your foundational tools by realitylove

this day
this moment
this now
is your opportunity to feel
to be to do
this is the moment not the future not the idea of what is to come
but right now to fully be
you must simply allow
and feel
be aware of what you are thinking feeling now
allow source to move through you as you and to fully unfold
as it desires
for this as you have heard is the will of god
the will of source the will of the universe of all that is
to be you in your true form
your fullness yes
to unfold as you were meant to
and that is through limitless love
through non-judgment
through allowing the best and highest to transpire
and how you do this is a simple matter of being in this moment
feeling and thinking limitless love
these are your foundational tools and you may expand in beautiful ways
but know that it all begins now
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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