Surrender to the best and highest for all concerned by realitylove
September 20, 2010, 3:45 pm
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and so it begins
this is the way to revelation
surrender casting off your own thought and allowing that which is best and highest to flow
it is the same in action it is the same for inspired thinking
any ideas you desire
first step is to set the intention
and surrender to the best and highest for all concerned
ask for that truth which resonates greatest and you shall receive
all you need do is remove your self your own thinking your own judgment
and analysis from the process
and receive that which is in this moment awaiting your surrender
then act upon it yes
this is the way to eternal wisdom
this is the way to receive all that you desire
it is the same for money
set your intention
your intention is not money
your intention is why you desire the money
be as specific as you can and set the intention
than ask for the best and the highest truth and you will receive it
do so now

[before you read on, take a moment now to relax and set your intention, then ask for the best and highest truth for all concerned regarding this matter and allow yourself to receive it. Once you feel you have received what source has for you, then read on.]

your desire is of source and will be fulfilled indeed
you need only surrender now and follow that which you receive
know that all is now ready to be fulfilled
and you need only surrender
for you have made the first step of clearly defining an intention
and you will not see it go unfulfilled
for source always does what is promised
always does what it desires of itself
and you will live the abundance now
starting within
know this
posses this now
that is first key
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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