Let Go of All Obstructions by realitylove

Bring out that which has hidden deep within yes
bring it out and let the light shine upon it
let nothing remain hidden within you
do what is necessary to bring it forth into the light
and to dissolve the sentiments you’ve held on to
of guilt
of resentment
of pain
let it out and bring light in its place
let it transform into the highest vibration of light
so that you may be free
and that your source energy may flow freely through you in you as you expanding in its unimpeded path
let all such blocks go
do what is necessary to stay in the flow of your life
the flow of reality
the pace of your existence consciously
and powerfully
being everything you need be
yes let go of all obstructions through practices that assist you in focusing on the blocks and relieving the tension relieving the resistance
this is so important to unfolding because the blocks are what obstruct your vision
obstruct your awareness
obstruct the truth of who you are
they form illusion around the truth and skew your perception
let them go
detach from the energy around them
the negative charges you have stored within
and let them go
know that you only need ask and it shall be given to you exactly how you need do so
for each block has its own best and highest solution to letting go
just ask within and you will be given the solution you need yes
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Enter this Wellness Fully by johnhstringer

And for this we say hello again
it is time to let go of fear
time to embrace the truth around you in you as you
it is time to do what it take to focus your attention on love from moment to moment
to become that which you truly are that which you came into this world to be
know that you have the power to make this choice now
know that there is nothing you need wait for
nothing you need acquire
nothing you need insist upon to happen before you can claim your rightful place
your birthright
it is all here for you now
and all you need do is allow
yes it is that simple
yet takes commitment
resolve and focus
focus on feelings and thoughts of love
focus on that which moves your soul and inspires you from moment to moment
let go of living with the compromise
living with and settling for mediocrity in what you feel from moment to moment
living with mediocrity in what you do from moment to moment
with the choices you make from moment to moment that not only lead to more mediocrity but lead to a fading of your light
a dimming of who you truly are
let go of this false action this muting of your voice
and open up to the good that source in you has for you
this is truth this is understanding this is the path of the righteous
light and love
peace and joy
so much more than the limited life you have settled for in the past
it is time indeed
to break through into the truth of who you are
and to feel the bliss of life
why wouldn’t you
for your time here in this form is to be lived abundantly in the good you experience
in the detachment from the temporal you master and understand through focusing on love
be assured that all is well and will aways be
it is your choice to enter this wellness fully
or settle for something less than real
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Let Your Heart be at Peace by realitylove

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Now we are pleased with the progress you have made
in focusing your attention on your heart center and allowing source to fill you with source energy
vibrations of love, passion peace and joy
we are pleased with your focus on gratitude and your ability to feel appreciation for what is
we are pleased with your ability to accept all that is with non-judgement
and to experience unwanted thoughts with detachment
this is all very necessary in your realization of who you truly are and we are pleased with the progress you have and continue to make moment to moment
let your heart be at peace knowing that your commitment and desire for this process
will continue leading you down the correct path
for no decision you can make will bring you apart from the love and guidance of source
you are divinely protected indeed
and the more you realize that the easier your journey will be
for stress, as you know, is optional completely
your attention to love, thoughts and feelings of love
and your continued practice of what we have given you will bring you the freedom from conditioned thinking you deserve
the abundant life you most desire
and the rewards of living a life of light
that is bestowed among the most enlightened of you
you become more enlightened by being your true self
being the extension of source that you truly are
letting go of social conventions that do not align with your true nature the essence of love
and allowing your self to truly unfold as your heart’s desires dictate
this is your map to unfolding
and let your heart be the guide to seeking, moving and having your being in love
for the wisdom is there
the wisdom and connection the omnipotence
omniscience and omnipresence of source
is all within that heart center
this is your nature
for source is equally present everywhere
and your connection to source is best experienced through the vibrations of love best interpreted from your heart center

and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Ask, Seek, and Knock Within by realitylove

There is a power so great within you that you need not worry about its manifestation
you need not worry about anything period
let go and release your inhibitions, your concerns and all that plagues you day in and day out
let it go by detaching yourself from these thoughts and recognizing they are not your true nature
they are simply conditioned patterns that you do not have to react to emotionally if you so choose
in fact you can easily release them and practice the detachment necessary to stop this pattern and not be affected whenever it arises
let love heal you from this pattern through the practice we spoke of yesterday
the practice of focus on love and thoughts and feelings of love
things that make you feel exuberant
exposing yourself to those things that open you up and move your soul in magnificent ways
art music whatever makes you feel alive and well

that is what you need in your life constantly to change the patterns of negative thoughts, negative emotion
and you can make the choices to do this
you are erasing the old programing and replacing it with new input
replacing it with a new way of being
not just thinking
a new way of existing
that is what you should seek with all your heart and soul
that is living in the abundance that source has provide
there is no reason for you to settle for anything less
know that you are here to have that life
a life of freedom
a life full of love and bliss
a life full of possibility
and fulfillment
a life full of magic
that is why you are here
do not settle for emotions and thoughts that tell you otherwise
let them, go and find that which inspires you empowers you and reminds you of your true birthright
that is what you must do in order to change and heal your mind
focusing on those things will put you in the vibration of love
of empowerment
all of these are love
all of these are relief
all of these are your true nature and the true nature of source
you beyond your imagination
ever expanding
know this is who you really are
let go of that which contradicts this truth and yo will be free
use love to dissolve the bonds to this old ways of thinking
you can do this
you can use whatever tool puts you in touch with your inspiration, your soul, your connection to the whole
and allow that connection to inspire and guide you
ask within what is best to do to eliminate these blocks
these limiting thoughts
what is best for you to focus on to create the feelings of passion and love
what is best to help you reach that vibration that break through the conditioned thinking
and you will receive the answers
ask seek and knock

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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