Stop Whatever It Is That Is Worrying You And Ask by realitylove

OK now what shall you do when there is disaster in the midst of your life
what shall you do when the temporal fades or unexpected events come
what shall you choose
joy in the midst of the storm
or shall you choose to cling to fear and desperation
shall you choose suffering over faith trust and love
the path to limitless love
is always to choose that which is best and highest for your soul
that which is best and highest for all concerned yes
when you are unable to see what that is or you do not know
take the time to go within
and ask
stop whatever it is that is worrying you and ask
be still and allow the answer to come
practice this and see what happens
it will be a very new dependence for many of you who are used to depending upon your own thinking or the habits you have developed from your experiences
however going within as many call it is a matter of being still and allowing
excitement enthusiasm
allowing peace love and relief
allowing any and all things that feel good to your soul to come through
and allowing the energy of source to freely move through you
removing any obstructions interference or blocks that cause you distress
that skew your perception and that send you in desperate directions
follow the will of source by seeking it
by asking for it to be revealed to your heart
by allowing your soul to reveal its truest desires
and then trust and act
accordingly on your inspiration
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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