Disconnection With Your Internal State by realitylove

Where are you now
in your mind are you in your body
in this moment
in this experience even as you read this
are you connected to your heart and do  you feel
the internal state the vibrations that you are experiencing in this moment
if you are disconnected with that state
then where is your attention
is it completely focused on reading these words and the images or ideas triggered
you can be fully present and aware of your experiences internally and you can ensure
you are where your soul desires as far as internal states
in every moment
you have that power
and you do not have to give it away to anything
you can choose to allow the moment to bring about whatever feelings
while you focus on your internal awareness and have a fulfilled experience of alignment
or you can intend to experience an internal state and generate a tone a feeling a vibration  from your heart center or any other place in your body
and you can do both of these simultaneously and allow your experience to unfold in whatever way it will
this surrender is very fulfilling very healing and very important to your growth
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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