Non-resistant being by realitylove

indeed this is the time
indeed the moment is always ripe
for you to enter into the bliss of life
the real fruit of your existence
is without doubt being
that is the real fruit
your focus your mind
your ideals
your essence your thoughts
your effort
if all pointed
toward the quality of true, non-resistant being
would yield more than any other action
this is alignment
this is the way
the path
the truth
yes the light
this is what the prophets
the enlightened saints
all those who yearned to share the bliss, the joy the love
they had truly discovered
the only real fulfillment that exists
this is what they were bringing you
the knowledge of true being
the very existence you posses but unconsciously or consciously dissipate
by scattering your focus your power your ability
or by simply forgetting the true essence of who you are
by not acknowledging what you really are
as an extension of source, as limitless love
acknowledge the truth now
and be
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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