When you feel distress, you are simply seeing that which is not real by realitylove
all resistance comes from illusion
accepting that which is unreal and substituting it for the reality of perfection existing now
all forms of distress, resistance and upset
all forms of uneasiness
all forms of dis-ease
all of this is from illusion
thought the matter the forms the circumstances are indeed
forming that which corresponds to the illusion
remember it is always malleable
all you need do is let go of illusion and choose perception of the best and highest form
seek the wisdom within you that is readily available
and know that truth always dispels illusion
as soon as you accept the truth you let go of illusion
for both cannot occupy your consciousness your awareness at the same time
know that you need only let go of the illusion by recognizing the truth it is attempting to disguise
know that all is well at all times
and when you feel distress
that you are simply seeing that which is not real
something not actually in existence
a false reality indeed
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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