There is but one mind by realitylove

There is but one mind
one god
one of us
there is but one
yet there is an ever-expanding amount of evidence
that creation is coming forth in all sorts of interesting manifestations
how can there be one with so much diversity
because that one makes up the substance of all that is
and all that is expands continuously
in any and all creations that this one mind desires
this is the beauty of life
know that you are an individuation of this life
to experience the magnificence of it all in a very unique way
so that life can continue to expand and source can continue to experience new and exciting things
this is your birthright
this is why you exist
do not separate love from enjoyment
do not create false dichotomies and illusions that complicate the very existence you are here to experience
instead let go of the false illusions let go of the ideals passed down from generation to generation
bastardized for whatever reasons
and embrace that which is in your soul
take the time to call it out
to clarify what is within
and know that you are here for more than suffering
more than misery and certainly more than illness
you are here to enjoy
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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