You Are All You Need by realitylove

Now there is more to your understanding
more to your surrender more to your unfolding
that you must follow
you must give fully into submission
to source energy
to that power which is within you
give in by surrendering your thoughts
your mind surrendering your body’s motion
surrendering your conditioned thinking your will
surrendering all that you sense you are and allowing source to fill you up and guide you to what you really are yes
guide you to who you really are
for the thoughts you have so consistently mastered and allowed to dictate your identity
are illusory and blocking you from being
yes they send you in directions that are futile
chasing after this or that thing
when in reality you are all you need
you possess divine energy
you posses divine knowledge
you posses divine power and posses all that is required
to live a fulfilled life within you already
know that surrendering to the will of the almighty
the source within you
will allow you to understand through experience rather than knowledge
rather than ideas
this is critical to being
for the knowledge becomes wisdom
the knowledge and wisdom become being
when you experience through surrender
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You Are a Power so Great by realitylove

For this time is right
this time is fortunate
this time is blessed and pregnant with the beauty, the connection, the unity the protection
the divine interest
this time is ripe with all necessary to raise the vibration of yourself
raise the vibration of those around you
and illuminate the world with a love so powerful so pure emanating from within you that all who see it
will praise the source within
this is the light
this is the life this is the way you are called to
because the source within you has implanted this desire
this intent
and this power within you
you are here to expand you are here to be the curator of this world
of this form and to spread the love that only source can provide yes
there is a power within you greater than anything you come into contact with and if you focus your alignment
your awareness your attention
on being aligned with source in every moment
you will see that all you need will be provided all you need will be freely given and you shall overcome any illusion with grace with ease and with power
for the fears the worries and the concerns
that plague mankind
can easily and simply be overcome with love
and that love is your very nature that love is who you are
you are more than just the limitations you have come to know
you are so much more than just a human being
you are divine energy
you are an extension and in very nature source
god the universe
you are a power so great and so real a power so incredible that you would frighten yourself in your current state of mind
if you understood fully
yes this is true
know that as the limitations are peeled away
as the conditioned thinking falls off
you will expand into greater and greater power for the best and highest of all concerned
all concerned
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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