When you consciously align yourself by realitylove

and now we know that you are here to be and do and have
what is best and highest for all
that is the purpose of every existence
yours and all creation
for the balance of life is in perfect attunement
and you may choose to be in harmony with this divine order
or you may resist and cause suffering for yourself
regardless the means
the ways and the balance will be had
with your consent, willingly and consciously
or without
when you consent to the laws , when you consciously align yourself
with them
and allow source to do its will as and through you
you obtain the best and highest fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness
when you resist you suffer
the choice is always yours
and if you give yourself wholly to understanding how to place yourself in a position of alignment, of harmony
if you  give yourself wholly to being limitless love
you will see the miracles from moment to moment
you will be the miracle from moment to moment
because this is reality
whether you recognize it or not
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be by realitylove

Know that there is more for you than you could dare imagine in this moment
so much more ever-expanding goodness
so much more joy and love
so much more peace
so much more liberation
so much more that all you can do is allow the unfolding and enjoy it moment to moment
no need to figure it all out for there is too much to digest in this moment for your being
realize that you are on a journey that is necessary to develop in your unique order
never be frustrated or impatient with your development
with your unfolding
for you are unfolding exactly how you should be
when you are ready to align moment to moment with greater consistency
you will
until then you will continue to receive guidance and direction to assist you in practicing more and more
to growing to new levels of alignment
new levels of expansion
this is the way life is intended to work
and the divine order of your life is intact
never be frustrated with yourself or impatient with your progress
know that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment to gain every good thing source has for you
when you are ready to choose to expand at a greater or lesser rate
you have the freedom and divine right to choose
either way you will receive the good exactly as needed and
you are doing exactly what you should
follow your heart
honor your own personal journey
your own personal decisions freedom and path to alignment with source from moment to moment
yes and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The Only Responsibility by realitylove

what is there to say other than keep your focus on alignment
what else is there to say other than you will receive exactly what is best and highest for you in the right time
every time
what is there to say other than you are subject to the laws of divine order
the laws of this universe and you are to use them for the best and highest for all concerned
by aligning with source
by keeping love first to mind
and not fear
by letting go of limitations fears worries concerns
by releasing them and shifting your focus your vibration to that of love that of forgiveness that of empowerment
not illusions
yes that is where your power lies and that is what will change the workings of your mind your heart your feelings the whole of who you are
know that you can align with source at all times and at any time
every now
indeed this moment you can be free
to align by choosing thoughts of relief joy and peace
thoughts and feelings of love come in so many shades
choose that which gives you the greatest rise the greatest lift the greatest feeling of passion inside and relief lightness and light
this important for you to practice moment to moment
every chance you can
the only responsibility you have is to align with source and allow source to come through you directing your path
should you obey all that source brings to you
you will align with all your heart’s desires faster than you could imagine
whenever you do not act on that which source brings to you you delay the good your heart desires
you delay it only in the since that you are resisting the good
do not resist what is
for what is is truly the good
what is is truly the beauty and the majesty the glory and power the presence of source
yes in all things all situations regardless of what you deem them to be
they are good
they are of source
in every way
for source is always present everywhere
there is no place you do not find source
so how do you figure some things are good and some are bad
realize that the world is conditioned to believe all sorts of things but the truth will set you free
when you let go of believing and begin seeking to experience the truth
seek to know the truth through alignment with love limitless love
your true nature who you truly are
let it unfold and know that all is well in this moment and in every moment
always has been and will continue to be so
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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It Begins with Self First by realitylove

Where is the righteous
where is he who desires to live a life aligned with source
where is she who desires to be love in every moment
where are they that wish to align completely with source and embody the truth of who they are
they are all around you
they are all around you
be that which you are here to be and know that source will take care of every need
know that source provides in ways that surprise you
that astound you
that nourish you
that give you everything you could desire
and you are here to reflect that same love to others
it begins with self first
for if you cannot master extending forgiveness, compassion and love, appreciation and gratitude to yourself
you will not be able to truly love the external
there will be limits to your love
based on conditions based on circumstances and situations
rather than the limitless love that you truly are
the limitless love that sees no boundaries sees no conditions sees beyond and through situations to the truth
you must master loving yourself while extending love externally
this is truly important to your continued growth
for you can apply alignment as much as you try and please to the outside world
but until you have applied it internally
until you have extended the love to self
you will block your growth block your full alignment
block your true unfolding
that is so

whatever you think whatever you wish whatever you choose
know that source is always beside you always there waiting to guide you waiting to take over whatever you are not able to handle and waiting to give you peace joy and rest
go to source within you and ask for whatever it is you need and know that it will come exactly when it should
for there is truly divine order and balance in all things
and the more you begin to align yourself with the best and the highest internally the more the external conditions you find yourself in match
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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