There Is All Of This Inside You Now by realitylove

For whatever you think
whatever you know
whatever you feel there is another thing to feel there is contrast there is love there is peace there is turmoil there is so much more
there is all of this inside you now
and focus amplifies whatever you intend to amplify
know that you have power to bring about every state that you wish
you have the power inside of you to bring about anything and everything
indeed this energy inside of you is waiting for you to direct it
create whatever it is you put your focus upon
by letting go of the control
and by allowing your soul to dictate the desires
you are in essence giving in to source
and giving in to the divine will of your life
that surrender to source is surrender to your soul’s blueprint
yes that surrender to source is surrender to the limitless love pulsing through the universe
pulsing through to become that which you have come to be
that is the true nature of your life and you would do well to surrender to it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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