Let go of these constricting feelings and thoughts by realitylove

Your attention is so important
as you shift your focus
shift your awareness to thoughts and feelings that empower
and let go of that which holds you back form being limitless love
you enter into higher and higher vibrations
continue to focus
continue to let go of these constricting feelings and thoughts
those feelings that feel heaviest and worst
continue to eliminate them by letting go
and shifting your focus on these feelings that liberate that free you
that expand your awareness internally and feel relieving yes
continue to put your focus there and allow source to move freely
allow source energy to heal and restore your right function yes
that free flow of expansion
energy and guidance
that free flowing vibration of love that brings about the best and highest for all concerned
that is the state your soul seeks
that is the presence that you are most effective as
your true nature
your best and highest self
and as you surrender
as you allow this to unfold within
you will cause greater and greater miracles
greater and greater transformation within and without
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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