All of these states are possible in limitless degrees by realitylove

and there was no reason
ever to doubt the power
ever to doubt the perfection
there was never a reason to do so
only false ideas and hopes
powerless conviction
and illusory anticipations
that gave you the idea something was needed
something was wanted that could bring about anything better than what is
the truth is only spiritual expansion can bring about what you seek
the truth of who you are
source in part and in whole
seeking expression through form
you need only see from the perspective of source
in order to experience this expansion in a way that fulfills
and that requires alignment
requires letting go of all that separates you from the truth
and as you practice letting go and allowing truth allowing your nature allowing all that is real to unfold through you as you
you will know the truth
and be set free from suffering
free from worry and discontent
free form the incessant wanting that never brings fulfillment
you will indeed
experience true peace
true serenity
true relief
true freedom
true bliss
true love
all the things that are inside of you around you
through you as you
all of these states are possible in limitless degrees
give yourself to surrender
and know that source is always who you are
in part and in whole
understand you are life itself
and that very life that sustains you is seeking to be magnificent
excited peaceful tranquil
and limitless in expression of love
feelings of love
thoughts of love
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The Power of Conscious Choice by johnhstringer

whether you focus your mind consciously or not
you are in the act of thinking existing being in some form or another
it is important to become aware during your waking moments
what your mind is focusing on what you are feeling
and making a conscious effort to align your feelings with the best and highest vibrations
those of enthusiasm those of gratitude joy
those if inspiration
seek this and be transformed through consciously focusing your mind on the best and highest
consciously focusing your mind on what is good excellent what is noble
what is pure what is uplifting
kind and loving
realize this starts internally and is tremendously difficult to force upon the external in fullness
without applying internally first
realize that your power of conscious choice is the steering wheel or the ores
with which you navigate the waters of existence
and which you use to create the internal peace joy love
you desire
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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