Leading you to what you need to hear by realitylove

there are things beyond your senses
that you are currently unconscious of
and these things are the truth of existence
when you rely heavily on your narrow sensory perception
you become accustomed to drawing conclusions that work for you to some degree
but don’t fully allow you to fulfill your purpose
they don’t give you the fulfilling existence you long for
and so
we are here to assist you, guide you
help you understand there is more
and when you are interested enough to seek, we assist in providing answers
in leading you to what you need to hear
not always what you desire or want to hear
but what is necessary to help you on your journey
to help you learn the lessons you came to understand
this is a ride that is to be enjoyed
so don’t take life so heavily
lighten up indeed
know that this is temporal
this is something to enjoy now and do not be attached to the point
of fear
to the point of being unwilling to move on
or let your experiences go
all is well and always is
or as you would say
it is all good
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Creativity is your birthright by realitylove

creativity is your birthright it is the natural state of your thought power
it is that which creates the world around you
the experiences the feelings the health every part of who you are
is subject to creativity
and  reality is subject to your thought power
this is the nature of conscious will
why it is so important
the more you choose to follow that which is best and highest
that which is love
the more you choose to give yourself and your best will to aligning with thoughts
and feelings of love in each moment
the more you will align with the best and highest for all creation
and the more your internal and external will match it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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