Allow that which is Real to Emerge by realitylove

Allow that which is real to emerge
that which is authentic true and real within you
allow it by letting go of your conditioned thinking
allow it by letting go of the thoughts rushing through you mind and settling on being a vessel
it starts with the intention to allow the best and highest to emerge from your life
for there is so much within you as we have shared before
you can let that which is best and highest emerge by setting the intention
through thought through feeling
and or through a statement or words
let the intention assist you with your focus
helping you direct your awareness and shifting your energy toward that which is of the most high good for all concerned
yes you are that vessel able to let that which is already in you unfold
that which is your true and authentic nature
not defined by what society feels or deems good and best
but by what the all-knowing most high thought
the best and highest guidance
deems essential and valuable
best and highest for your life and for existence itself yes
this is your birthright as well
to be this light
and as you allow this light to shine
you will be fulfilled
because your are being fully filled with truth
fully filled with the vibrations of good
of source
and you will align not only yourself
your presence your awareness
but you will align that which is around you
by allowing it to transform transmute
to unfold to become its true nature
you are that flame that spark that tsunami of light
that will wash away the barriers the blocks the limitations the lack
this is all a part of your nature
for this is love this is the power
of being authentically
of aligning with the truth of life
this is not some high moral issue
it is just what it is
let go of conditioned limiting thoughts and step into this flow
see for yourself the experience and allow it to take you where the best and highest truly resides
yes not in the thinking
but in the experiencing realm
it is time
and you can have be do and experience
all the best and highest you can absorb
limitless love is your nature
limitless love is your birthright
limitless love is in you as you through you
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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