All of these states are possible in limitless degrees by realitylove

and there was no reason
ever to doubt the power
ever to doubt the perfection
there was never a reason to do so
only false ideas and hopes
powerless conviction
and illusory anticipations
that gave you the idea something was needed
something was wanted that could bring about anything better than what is
the truth is only spiritual expansion can bring about what you seek
the truth of who you are
source in part and in whole
seeking expression through form
you need only see from the perspective of source
in order to experience this expansion in a way that fulfills
and that requires alignment
requires letting go of all that separates you from the truth
and as you practice letting go and allowing truth allowing your nature allowing all that is real to unfold through you as you
you will know the truth
and be set free from suffering
free from worry and discontent
free form the incessant wanting that never brings fulfillment
you will indeed
experience true peace
true serenity
true relief
true freedom
true bliss
true love
all the things that are inside of you around you
through you as you
all of these states are possible in limitless degrees
give yourself to surrender
and know that source is always who you are
in part and in whole
understand you are life itself
and that very life that sustains you is seeking to be magnificent
excited peaceful tranquil
and limitless in expression of love
feelings of love
thoughts of love
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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You do not have to request that these come about by realitylove

know what you know
by letting go of illusion
letting go of contradictory thought
know the truth by releasing the falsehood
the lies and the weakness you have allowed to penetrate  your consciousness
the void and the nothing you have based your reason upon
let it go and allow that which is real that which exists that which is all-powerful
to permeate your mind
to penetrate your consciousness
to bring about that which you were created for
allow that process to take shape now within you
and let it go freely
do not stop it filter it or try and interpret it
just listen and allow it observe it and see the wonders that source has in store
know that you will have every good thing you deserve
fear not
know that you need not beg or even put up a fight or any effort to request what you are already here to receive
all you need do is let go of the illusions and the confusion let go of the nonsense
know that the desires of your heart exist because source has put them there
they are not only from source
but they are source seeking expression as you in you through you
know that you do not have to request that these come about
for source does not have to be begged to bring about what it intends
you only need convince beg and plead with your own consciousness to shift
if any begging need be done
yes this is the concentration you need apply
concentrate on letting go of the lies illusions and separation and know that you are indeed the creative principle in human form
the source itself
of life in a human shell permeating this shell and surrounding it
living as this shell
but know that  you are so much more than the shell
let go of illusions
and accept that which is here for you yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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