Embody your true magnificence by realitylove

now listen to this and know that your intention to grow
your intention to live to flower
to unfold
to be that which you are here to truly be
is the intent of the divine presence within you
the intention of the whole for you
and all things are put into motion to allow this unfoldment perfectly
you are exactly where you need be in this moment to continue perfect unfoldment
let go of the doubts
fears anxieties
through practice
it takes actual effort to let go of old habits
you must reclaim your power of choice
your power of thought
your power to let go
and refocus your mind on allowing source to be as you in you
verses the conditioned thinking and the idea the habits and patterns you have formed
of your self
this illusion, this false identity must be released
in order to truly embody your true magnificence
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Another Way To Give Into Source Completely by realitylove

And there is another way to give into source completely another way to surrender
it is a matter of respecting that which is and allowing source energy to do exactly what it must
it is allowing life to proceed accepting what is and not living for desire or wanting something else at all
but allowing source to bring what it will
thinking of a flower blooming and thinking of the process of nature
its cycles
its living and dying
the tree does not want to be a bird and the flower does not desire to be a person
they live in the moment with what is and enjoy it
the blueprint for their lives is contained within the seed
and so it is with you
allow the blueprint to unfold without confusing life through your desire for external things
that is the way to align with the best and highest
separate the desire for external things from the desire to manifest internal states of peace and love
often you have projected the true soul’s desires on to things
when in fact you simply need look within for the solution to your soul’s desires
these are different desires than those projected external ones
the flower desires to be and bloom
but this is internal
you desire to be and bloom and this is internal
you can do that now
and now
and in every moment
moment to moment
yet the outer desire that you so strongly attach to
the temporal desire that you so often project peace
happiness and love upon
are simply amplifiers
for the state you already possess the power to continuously harness
be the flower
be the tree
be that which your seed possesses
that which your soul desires
through seeking asking and knocking within
let source open the way and be in this moment the now
knowing that all will unfold as it should
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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