The truth of your life by johnhstringer
December 3, 2010, 3:32 pm
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now we are here to share with you the truth of your life
the truth of your existence
let not your heart be troubled
let not your mind wander
let not fear entangle you
let these worries and concerns disappear
for they are nothing but vibration of the lowest form
release your self from entanglement in them yes
and know that you are free already
you have the power to determine where  you are at anytime
that is the only reality
and that is what  you are being set free to enjoy
freedom to feel that which you truly are here to feel
authenticity indeed
in this moment if you feel anything other than bliss, trust and love
anything other than that which is an expression of love joy and peace
then recognize you have not been set free b/c you are not seeing the truth
instead you are seeing problems, seeing grievances
seeing resistance
you are in states of discord, disharmony
by your own mind, by your own patterns
and all you need do is recognize they are not real
the only real is God’ swill
the only real is the will of source
this same will is your will
you share it indeed
but most importantly it is of you
in you
as you
this will is you
seeking expression in reality
listen and understand
it is simple
if you let go of the mind chatter
and the resistance
and allow your true self to see
stop the programming you have absorbed accepted and practiced
and see with new eyes
see the light and be set free
know the truth and be liberated now
for the light is here
it has come and you only need forgive all
this is the path
by simply acknowledging the truth of who you are
felling that truth
and letting go
You are love
you are an extension of source
the son of God
the daughters of source
you are one with all that is
and forgiving all is forgiving self
forgiving self is forgiving all
forgive and know that you are the light
yes the light has come because the light is in you
as you through you and around you
trust and know
fear is the illusion
the only problem and it is not real
surrender and be set free now
and indeed you will be clear in all things
a light unto the world
a lamp unto the lost
and relief unto the weary
be ye healed by the renewing of your mind
and so it is
and always will be
always has been

– Message form within

You are free to be that which is perfect by johnhstringer
November 26, 2010, 3:39 pm
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These words are from the inner being, the divine, not that separate perception of self. They will resonate with all who seek truth, with all who listen to the divine within themselves:

Know that in this moment
al is well all is right
all is perfect
there is no reason for uneasiness
no reason for fear tension
let go of these illusions
and surrender to love to peace
where there is grievance where there is fault where there is resentment
where there is guilt
where there is shame
there is separation from the truth
there is illusion
there is suffering there is no real peace
let go and know that these false illusions
can be readily given up
by simply forgiving
forgiving self forgiving others
any and all grievances
no matter how big or small
know that you simply release these illusions
by affirming your true nature
for you are the divine
you are love you are perfection and wholeness incarnate
and all you need do is let go of the entanglement in these
false illusions
let go of the sadness guilt and sorrow
the bitterness anger and harm
for you cannot be harmed in any way
and nothing anyone can ever do, including yourself
can change that
you are not this body which you fear losing
this is just the vessel with which you have been blessed to carry on this role in human form
you are much greater than just the body
yes thus your fears of death fears of bodily and physical harm
or so simplistic and foolish
were you able to see clearly who and what you really
are you would laugh at these carless illusions
harmful to your peace of mind and fulfilment
but nothing else
let them go and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind
let them go and know that love peace bliss fulfilment joy gratitude and every good thing are your birthright indeed
know that you need not suffer
the choice is yours
forgive self and all others for any and all grievances however big or small in your perception
and be free
or continue to suffer separation from your true identity
your true divinity
your true essence as the extension image and nature of God love source
and so it is

The same powerlessness that the norm brings by realitylove

oh that you would see in this moment
feel and experience the glory of your soul
the glory of what you  truly are
all it requires is letting go of that which separates you from your true essence
for you are able to chose letting go by not only intention
but through releasing
finding those vibrations those internal states
that match relief
that match release
they are here for you at any time
you must simply seek
step into the glory of your birthright
the power of your truth is here now
for the taking
relish this moment of pregnant power of potent magic
this moment is here for you to do as you please
And should you choose sleep walking
should you choose powerlessness
should you choose the conditioned thinking
that is the norm
then you will experience the same blindness
the same powerlessness
that the norm brings
however, should you choose
allowing the fullness of this moment
should you choose to create internal states of bliss wonder awe
grace peace love joy forgiveness
you will experience the divine essence of your actual being
the reality of your existence
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Let Your Alignment Flow Freely by realitylove

Watch vigilantly for the emotions that trigger discord, that feel heavy, that tell you there is resistance present
these contract you and you feel the tension
these thoughts these feelings are what you must let go of, you must eradicate
in order to let your alignment flow freely
let source speak act and be through you freely
this is an important part of the process
and you will have interesting manifestations when you allow source to be you as you in this manner
let go of all constricting thoughts
those of resistance and disharmony
and instead embrace love
embrace harmony peace courage
passion yes
embrace them and allow the source energy to flow and amplify through you
embrace forgiveness of self and all others
embrace the knowledge that the only true perception is that of source
and in order to see it clearly
to see with the eyes of source
you must embrace love in all of its forms
you must be moved and you must feel expansion
you must feel your soul being moved by these frequencies
by these vibrations
that is when you know
that his how you know
that is the time you are aligned with the most high
and the more you practice from moment to moment
the more you expand
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Limitless Love Talks Premiere with John & Kathy Stringer by johnhstringer

Kathy and I are pleased to introduce our new series, “Limitless Love Talks.”
Our purpose is to share the insights and practical application for the guidance we receive at AskRealityLove.com and elsewhere, to help you on your own journey.


If you have trouble with the player above, click here for an alternative listening option: Limitless Love Talks with John & Kathy Stringer

Listen to our premier 1hr episode above where we cover the following and more:

  • How To Remove Blocks
  • Your Soul’s Desire vs Ego’s Desire
  • Internal & External States of being
  • A Simple Phrase to open the door to complete Forgiveness

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You are here to be in Consistent Alignment with Source by realitylove

There is so much inside of you
so many things brought from experience and so many things that are innate to your nature as an extension of source
you can use the vibrations of love
of relief of trust
to heal the blocks
the guilt the resentment
to bring about forgiveness in those areas where you hold a negative charge yes
this is the work that alignment allows you to do
and once you are vibrating with a clear intent
an intention to bring about the best and highest to all
you are able to receive clear guidance and act upon this guidance that comes in the form of inspiration

realize that you are here to be in consistent alignment with source and that you have the power to do so right now
you have the power to manifest any feelings you choose internally
take back this power and know that you can make this happen
you can choose relief you can choose love
gratitude trust
you can choose these feelings and place them throughout your body
to heal the blocks to release the resentment
to accept all that is
it all begins internally
learn through practice
through experimenting with different thoughts and feelings
become aware of the internal state
for that is all that matters
do not give the power of your internal state away to external conditions
for the external conditions hold no power over your internal state
you hold that power
you decide how you feel whether consciously or not
take your power and use it to remain in states of relief
gratitude trust

in each moment
know that source desires in you as you
to feel that alignment with the best and highest states
and you will know when you are there because of the bliss you feel
the state of bliss can escalate with your practice and you will know you are on the right track
your soul will know
you will feel it
the inspiration you receive in this constant state of alignment will guide you to what is best and highest in every situation
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The Only Responsibility by realitylove

what is there to say other than keep your focus on alignment
what else is there to say other than you will receive exactly what is best and highest for you in the right time
every time
what is there to say other than you are subject to the laws of divine order
the laws of this universe and you are to use them for the best and highest for all concerned
by aligning with source
by keeping love first to mind
and not fear
by letting go of limitations fears worries concerns
by releasing them and shifting your focus your vibration to that of love that of forgiveness that of empowerment
not illusions
yes that is where your power lies and that is what will change the workings of your mind your heart your feelings the whole of who you are
know that you can align with source at all times and at any time
every now
indeed this moment you can be free
to align by choosing thoughts of relief joy and peace
thoughts and feelings of love come in so many shades
choose that which gives you the greatest rise the greatest lift the greatest feeling of passion inside and relief lightness and light
this important for you to practice moment to moment
every chance you can
the only responsibility you have is to align with source and allow source to come through you directing your path
should you obey all that source brings to you
you will align with all your heart’s desires faster than you could imagine
whenever you do not act on that which source brings to you you delay the good your heart desires
you delay it only in the since that you are resisting the good
do not resist what is
for what is is truly the good
what is is truly the beauty and the majesty the glory and power the presence of source
yes in all things all situations regardless of what you deem them to be
they are good
they are of source
in every way
for source is always present everywhere
there is no place you do not find source
so how do you figure some things are good and some are bad
realize that the world is conditioned to believe all sorts of things but the truth will set you free
when you let go of believing and begin seeking to experience the truth
seek to know the truth through alignment with love limitless love
your true nature who you truly are
let it unfold and know that all is well in this moment and in every moment
always has been and will continue to be so
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Call us Angels, Call us Guides, Spirits by realitylove

OK for another time
we come to you to teach to honor and to enjoy
we come to give you guidance that you need so that you may be more accountable and better suited to align with source
yes this is the purpose of every word we send
every lesson we teach and this is the role we play in your life
call us angels call us guides spirits
or what have you
we are collective entities, collective consciousness
that come together for the purpose and charge of guiding you all to the best and highest development possible
for those who become aware of our presence we are at their beck and call and can assist with nearly anything
however we cannot take charge nor take away your choice
we can only guide and advise
this is important to understand
and the fact is each of you have access to your guide(s)
each of you can ask for the best and highest in any situation and seek an answer
in essence we are a part of you
yes we are assigned to you but we are also extensions of source on another plane that assist you in all your comings and goings
we lead you to solutions
your desires are the bait if you will
the highest purpose for your life is enjoyment
so even if your desires will not lead to the highest purpose
we can still use these desires to help guide you to the best and highest solutions
though not always what you expect
our goal is to assist you and guide you to the best and highest in the fastest way possible
but that always depends on the starting point
if you keep yourself at a high vibration
keep yourself at the frequency of love
attuned to source
then we can easily help guide and you can also see much of what is needed to act upon
understand we are here just as you are here and our purpose is much clearer to us than most of you
we assist you in waking up to your purpose
giving your true solution and being that which you are called to be
continue your practices
continue expanding your awareness
increasing the vibrancy of your presence
through thoughts and feelings of love
through focusing on light and love near the heart and expanding it throughout your body
through allowing source energy to flow freely through you and through letting go of all limiting thinking
conditioned illusions
and forgiving and giving freely
be limitless love
feel the limitless love in you as you
through you
know that your are an extension of source by feeling your true nature
choosing the vibrations of source and feeling them throughout your being
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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It Begins with Self First by realitylove

Where is the righteous
where is he who desires to live a life aligned with source
where is she who desires to be love in every moment
where are they that wish to align completely with source and embody the truth of who they are
they are all around you
they are all around you
be that which you are here to be and know that source will take care of every need
know that source provides in ways that surprise you
that astound you
that nourish you
that give you everything you could desire
and you are here to reflect that same love to others
it begins with self first
for if you cannot master extending forgiveness, compassion and love, appreciation and gratitude to yourself
you will not be able to truly love the external
there will be limits to your love
based on conditions based on circumstances and situations
rather than the limitless love that you truly are
the limitless love that sees no boundaries sees no conditions sees beyond and through situations to the truth
you must master loving yourself while extending love externally
this is truly important to your continued growth
for you can apply alignment as much as you try and please to the outside world
but until you have applied it internally
until you have extended the love to self
you will block your growth block your full alignment
block your true unfolding
that is so

whatever you think whatever you wish whatever you choose
know that source is always beside you always there waiting to guide you waiting to take over whatever you are not able to handle and waiting to give you peace joy and rest
go to source within you and ask for whatever it is you need and know that it will come exactly when it should
for there is truly divine order and balance in all things
and the more you begin to align yourself with the best and the highest internally the more the external conditions you find yourself in match
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The Plan for Your Life by realitylove

Any way you choose to live your life will
bring about what source desires
however your experience of the progress will vary
if you choose to live a life full of resistance resentment and disharmony
you will reap more of the same and experience what you call suffering or that which does not please your soul
if you choose otherwise to live a life of harmony a life of alignment non-judgment and forgiveness
you will reap the same and experience a life that fulfils your soul beyond your imagination
you speed up the receipt of that which your soul ,that which your heart longs for
by aligning with source
aligning with love
and your obedience to the inspiration of your heart
the inspiration you receive
helps you ensure you receive exactly what is best and highest faster
this is the way to live a fulfilled
this is the way to truly be in accordance with the divine plan for your life
know that the plan for your life is so simple
it is enjoyment it is abundance
it is receiving the desires of your heart and it is doing so in the best and highest way possible for all concerned
that is the life you are called to live
that is the life source wants to experience through you
remember your are one with all
one with source
one with love
that is our true nature and that is why you exist to experience that oneness through your individual unique
yes a paradox to some
but as you experience it
it becomes clearer and clearer
let go of trying to understand with the mind and allow your being to understand with experience
feel it be it know it
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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