Harmony by realitylove

now harmony
is important for you to live freely
to live without resistance to live without frustration and suffering
harmony is not only vibrating at complementary frequencies with what is
but is also allowing what is to flow to be to do
without resistance
yes this is harmony
this is living a harmonious life this is living free of discord yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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You must not allow it by realitylove

never let the emotion of the moment take you in directions contrary to that which is love peace trust understanding
when you find fears doubts and frustration
when you find the sense of overwhelm is present
you must detach and immediately take action
you must not allow it to reside in your vibrational field for any reason
do not look at it as just something that happens and you can do nothing about
you can master this domain
the emotion the thoughts and feelings
you can do something about it
you must choose to do something about it
and remind yourself of this power
it is your right indeed to feel good to feel as you choose
you have only allowed yourself to automatically choose conditioned reactions and feelings, thoughts that do not serve your best and highest interest or that of any other
therefore it is up to you to choose to change this
and you can
but it is an endeavor that takes discipline
it takes serious commitment
all of your mind heart body
everything engaged and present to disengage from these former patterns
and form new ones that uphold your alignment
uphold your true nature
and empower you to do what you are here for
to live an abundant life
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Find Your True Connection by realitylove

There is another way for you to find yourself
to find your true connection
your true essence yes
there is another way for you to find yourself beyond just focusing on thoughts and feelings of love
you may focus your mind and thoughts on feelings of joy peace and surrender
you may focus your mind on anything that feels good and right to you
that feels pure and praiseworthy excellent yes
that is the truth of alignment
that is the essence
find that which feels good that liberating feeling that vibration of joy
and surrender
of relief
of every good thing to you
find that vibration and align with it and you will be aligning with source
for source is the starting point of all good
yes source is the very essence the very central point of all good feelings all good things
and is in you to bring about your unfolding so that you experience it in full
the goodness
the peace the joy the compassion
the kindness
the generosity
the true abundance within you
and yes
your surroundings do align
understand that you are so much of what you already need be
simply let go of the constrictions the concerns the worry
let go of any ideas that any harm can come to you
and be satisfied with where you are
be satisfied
content and grateful for what you already are
what you already have who you already are
and eliminate all forms of dissatisfaction
eliminate and let go of all forms of complaining
let them go
recognize they are vibrations of lack
they are not what you want to motivate you because you will be motivated in a place of lack
want and bring about more of the same through expansion
be content with what is
be grateful for what is and expand the good
focus on that which you are content with
and expand that good
you may focus on the good that is present as well as creating the other good you desire from a place of possession in your mind in your consciousness
focus on the feelings and the whys as if they are already manifest and they will be
yes this is key
do not feel that desire and want and need and dissatisfaction are the same
you may come from a place of desire without being dissatisfied
yes without complaint
you may come from a place of desire and through expectation and positive feelings
through excitement and enthusiasm vs frustration anger and dissatisfaction
allow source to guide you in your meditation to guide you in your thinking
allow source to help you focus your attention on that which is best and highest to manifest
for it is about the current state of alignment at all times more so than that which you attract
the alignment with the good now is what brings and expands the outer circumstances
and amplifies that which is within
that is why it is so important to focus on now
to focus within now
align now
by focusing on peace
joy love you expand and amplify these things in your external circumstances
know this
practice this
allow this to unfold in your life
for it is your will
it is the will of the most high
it is the will of all creation
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be by realitylove

Know that there is more for you than you could dare imagine in this moment
so much more ever-expanding goodness
so much more joy and love
so much more peace
so much more liberation
so much more that all you can do is allow the unfolding and enjoy it moment to moment
no need to figure it all out for there is too much to digest in this moment for your being
realize that you are on a journey that is necessary to develop in your unique order
never be frustrated or impatient with your development
with your unfolding
for you are unfolding exactly how you should be
when you are ready to align moment to moment with greater consistency
you will
until then you will continue to receive guidance and direction to assist you in practicing more and more
to growing to new levels of alignment
new levels of expansion
this is the way life is intended to work
and the divine order of your life is intact
never be frustrated with yourself or impatient with your progress
know that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment to gain every good thing source has for you
when you are ready to choose to expand at a greater or lesser rate
you have the freedom and divine right to choose
either way you will receive the good exactly as needed and
you are doing exactly what you should
follow your heart
honor your own personal journey
your own personal decisions freedom and path to alignment with source from moment to moment
yes and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The only Truth that lasts by realitylove

It is good that we take the time to connect with others
with family and foster connection
relationships based on love
it is necessary in healing who we are as a whole
it is necessary in expanding our experience of love individually
it is for the best and highest benefit of both the whole and the individual
where there is separation, resentment limitation and lack of love
there need be forgiveness and expansion
moving out on faith with pure love
knowing that source will heal what needs be healed
if we act as vessels of this love
forgiving and seeing all without fault
this is the love we are sending out throughout the world on a daily basis
this is the love we are focusing your attention on each day
to remind you of how powerful you are
how amazing and beautiful your love can be
how easily you can heal the world by healing yourself
by forgiving yourself
and extending that same love and compassion to others
it may seem easier to forgive others however
true forgiveness starts within and extends beyond
it is hard to see the resentment
the lack of love
for yourself so it is just as hard to see where you hold resentment
or withhold love from others
once you begin to go within and dissolve the blocks the resentment the body holds on to
the pain and frustration
pressure and dis-ease that your body stores that your mental physical and emotional bodies store
you will allow love to flow freely
allow source energy to expand within you and move outside of you
through you within you and heal all around you
for those who are willing
this path exists and it is a rewarding
fulfilling path indeed
know that you may be this vessel whenever you choose

it is a matter of practice, discipline and commitment
focus attention
all the things we have spoken many times before
it is simply a matter of you deciding now to dedicate your focus from moment to moment to being love
to growing and expanding
yes this is the path of fulfillment the path of abundance the path of a truly rewarding life on all levels
rewarding to your mind body spirit
to your soul
know that you are called to be a light not because you must but because you have the opportunity to experience real love
the only truth that lasts
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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