Responses within the Universe by realitylove

whatever you think upon
know that you create energy in motion
and that your emotion combined with these thoughts
will bring about certain responses within the universe
this energy will go out
with vibrancy
with vitality
and attract to it what it needs to come into physical form
there will be a reaction on the part of the universe indeed
know that as you make yourself available to the universe
to source
to first cause
to that power which sustains all life
you become more and more aligned with the purpose of all life
the fulfillment of your soul’s desire
you become one with all creation by aligning with that which source has created  you for
by aligning with your soul’s true purpose
that of enjoyment harmony love balance
that of creation yes
you are here to be a creator indeed
for  you are already an extension of the one creator
and you have been given the tools to bring about the best and highest for all concerned through all that you do
trust this
recognize this and understand all you need do is let go and allow life to unfold through you
by letting go of the conditioned thinking of harm , lack fear loss and all the other illusions
plaguing your soul
this is the lesson you have come to learn
mastery over the mind
and you will bring about all that you desire
better than you would imagine
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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