Nothing else matters by realitylove

you are divine in every way
this is the  reality of your existence
you are the incarnate beauty and love
purposefully manifest in this form to enjoy the fruits of living in this contrast
and all you need do is surrender to the machinations of your divine nature
you have no reason to doubt your existence as divine other than that
which you have been taught and observed from others who were taught similar limitations
but notice among you those who are happiest
those who are fulfilled
at last to the degree  you are able to recognize fulfillment
it is those who have mastered their internal states
that find themselves exactly where they want to be
for once you have mastered yourself and know how to be what  you want to be internally
nothing else matters
because whatever you do, you choose to be  happy or whatever state you desire in that moment
the rest is simply participation in expansion, fun, and creation
know enjoyment is meant to be the divine symbol of your nature
an  outpouring of your states of being
and activity, circumstance and any other external
is only a manifestation of the internal
on every level
so many different ways to manifest what is within
and all of them are meant to be enjoyed
this is the purpose
do not attach to any external thing
for then you lose your right thinking
by projecting your power to create the happiness, the fulfillment you seek
and deceiving yourself into believing it is subject to something else
to anything else
your fulfillment your happiness
your power is yours and yours alone for the choosing
nothing can change that because you are an extension of source
yes you are source in an individualized form
don’t you see
you cannot be subject to any other thing but yourself
because you are part of all that is and all that is is part of you
the whole includes you
but you are the same as the whole and the parts
so the truth is
source, as you, and as the whole
will never do anything to make itself unhappy
you have simply created the conditioned thinking that causes you to believe otherwise
and this fantasy
this illusion has brought you your  own creation of suffering
of lack limit
which is all unreal
yes all unreal
wake up oh sleeper and know that now is the time to embrace your freedom
it is yours for the having
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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