Aligning with your soul’s desire by realitylove

whatever it is you seek
whatever it is you think you know
understand that time will bring forth all sorts of expansion
all sorts of change
all sorts of equilibrium
in the universe in all things
expansion included
there are contractions there is expansion
there are so many cycles in life so much that exists in this moment
what is important for you is to align with your role or roles
the part that you came here to play
and the part that you will choose to fulfill
by aligning with your soul’s desire
by aligning with source
we speak in general terms often to help  you understand the greater concepts
of alignment
of limitless love
of focus on thoughts and feelings of love
of joy, gratitude and the like
but what is most important is moment to moment application
it does no good for you to read and hear about these things
without actual application in your life
as you already know
thus we bring the lessons to focus on in a general way
and your life experience expands on these lessons moment to moment with all that you encounter
it is a direct connection to what you focus your mind on
and the quality and nature of your thoughts
that cause you to experience the lessons you learn
your world is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings
past and present
as you change your thoughts and focus
your world begins to take shape around them
both internally and externally
this is important
for some of you wonder why your external world hasn’t caught up per se
know that just like anything you do in life
what  you have practiced before
has consequences
and cannot be undone without following the laws of life
you must trust that the results you seek will follow
in their natural course
understanding that this cause depends on the accuracy of your holding to the laws
your execution of the laws
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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