Passionate joyful gracious by realitylove

you are ready whenever  you choose
indeed ready to receive all the good present
for you are a vessel of almighty light
a vessel of love
and you determine your vibration in any given moment
also choose the vibrations that are best and highest for all concerned
by seeking asking thinking on the best and highest thoughts of love
you have heard it said good feeling thoughts are what to strive for
indeed this is one way to bring about the alignment with source  your soul desires
another is to simply feel into vibrations that are powerful strong good
passionate joyful gracious
feel into that which is most moving for you in any moment
that feels best for you
however you need do this
that will certainly ensure your alignment in any moment
for it is a matter of the internal states that you seek
and remember
you simply project these states onto external situations
but the internal is where it all stems
all joy all love
all passion
all power
external amplify and convey
but the power is from within
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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