This is the realization that you must begin to embrace by realitylove

receive that which is here for you now
receive the love
the beauty the joy the peace
receive it all and know that nothing can separate you from it
for the illusions that you accept only give you the appearance of separation
and thus you create suffering your own hell
but heaven is already here for you within
heaven is here now for you to partake in through surrender
through letting go of the illusions
the thinking that tells you you are in need of something to make you whole
the only thing you need to make you whole is recognition of the truth
that you are already so
yes indeed
this is the realization that you must begin to embrace
and un-train your mind of all that tells you otherwise
recognize the true power you possess
the fact that you are an extension of source and that makes you the creative force and power in part and in whole of that which has created this universe
you have been blessed with the creative power to determine your reality through perception through thought through mind
but take heed what thoughts  you entertain what perception you choose
what illusions you become entangled in
for that which you give in thought and in mind
you receive
this is what you call karma
this is what you call egoic thinking
this is the pattern of thought that you must break wide open in yourself
and ensure you allow that which is best and highest in thought to unfold
for it is within you now
the truth the wisdom the power the love
all in divine infinite form
available to you in abundance now
let go and feel into this very moment
breathe and know that only the truth can set you free from lack and limitation and it is there
release the lack thoughts
the limitation thoughts
all of which are indeed meaningless
and embrace the abundance of this moment
by doing so you are entering into the true vibration you are here to experience
you are aligning with your true essence
with source
and allowing the flow of source energy to do the good work it desires in and as you
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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What You Seek is Self-Mastery by realitylove

Other than what you have learned thus far
there is not much more you need focus on
the most of what we have explained is essential for you to actually practice and embody before moving on to greater things
yes it is important for you to practice consistent alignment with source
consistent thoughts and feelings of love and that journey will lead you to all you need for now
what you seek is self-mastery
that is the salvation you need
that is the heaven the kingdom the power
you desire
mastering your mind, thoughts feelings and actions
so that they align with what is best and highest for all concerned
so that they align with love
so that they align with source
yes that is where your focus on thoughts and feelings of love leads
that is where your focus on gratitude
peace and relief lead
that is exactly what source desires to experience within you through you as you
and that again is why you exist
as an extension of source
let go of all thought to the contrary
let go of all conditioned thinking telling you anything that does not coincide with freedom
peace gratitude appreciation
and all these things that love is
let go of anything to the contrary
and know that source in you as you through you
is always moving to expand your experience in the best way possible
the more you allow
the more you go with source
the more you allow
the more you let your true nature
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
Find out more about this blog by reading the BACKGROUND STORY.

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