Whatsoever You Think by realitylove

Whatsoever you think
that shall come to pass
there is a power within that no worry no doubt no fear could ever overtake
there is a power within you now that will bring about all good things
will bring about the highest and best for all concerned in your life
and your inner circle you power your love will all expand to the point of manifesting much more than you could have imagined
to the point of overflowing in blessings that your heart most desires
you can get as clear as you would like but there will be many surprises
much unexpected good that source will bring you for this is truly something your heart desires as well
and there will be so much unfolding of your person now
you will continue to know and expand continue to grow and transform
continue to heal and continue to see the beauty in all life around you
being ever lifted to higher and higher consciousness
higher and higher giving
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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