You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be by realitylove

Know that there is more for you than you could dare imagine in this moment
so much more ever-expanding goodness
so much more joy and love
so much more peace
so much more liberation
so much more that all you can do is allow the unfolding and enjoy it moment to moment
no need to figure it all out for there is too much to digest in this moment for your being
realize that you are on a journey that is necessary to develop in your unique order
never be frustrated or impatient with your development
with your unfolding
for you are unfolding exactly how you should be
when you are ready to align moment to moment with greater consistency
you will
until then you will continue to receive guidance and direction to assist you in practicing more and more
to growing to new levels of alignment
new levels of expansion
this is the way life is intended to work
and the divine order of your life is intact
never be frustrated with yourself or impatient with your progress
know that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment to gain every good thing source has for you
when you are ready to choose to expand at a greater or lesser rate
you have the freedom and divine right to choose
either way you will receive the good exactly as needed and
you are doing exactly what you should
follow your heart
honor your own personal journey
your own personal decisions freedom and path to alignment with source from moment to moment
yes and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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The greatest responsiblity, the greatest power, and greatest honor by realitylove

Yes this is the moment of your life that matters most
every moment is now
and each now is the very essence of power
each now is the very moment you would do best to focus on
and know that source will do its best and highest in your life as you make yourself available
there is no hesitation in source
only your alignment will allow you to see clearly what happens in and around you
and that alignment will contribute to your rapid growth
rapid expansion in consciousness
that is why we emphasize alignment over and over
so you will understand the clarity that
can be yours
the wisdom and power
all infinite all limitless
the love that brings it all together
ties it up into the potency that brings the beauty into every life
every extension of source
that is the amazing secret that you must know
there is so much love compassion joy peace and every good thing you could
imagine here for you now
not later not in the future
but now
it is here awaiting your alignment
in order to receive you must expand your consciousnesses
to that of source
by expanding your vibration, your awareness, your presence
by aligning with source and letting go of old conditioned thinking that limits your
ability in your own mind
by giving your attention each moment to your alignment
to your presence
to your awareness
you may embrace all that source has for you to greater and greater degrees
and know that what source has for you is expanding infinitely
there is no limit to the joy the beauty the clarity, wisdom, power and love
you shall experience
if you so choose to
know this and know it now

for there is no greater responsibility no greater power no greater honor than that of alignment
alignment with love itself

as you focus your mind on thoughts and feelings of love
and raise your vibration to align with source
you will see the miracles all around
you will see with greater clarity greater vision
in line with the truth of what source has placed within your heart
the love the power the glory and honor
all the good
all the blessings all the incredible experiences your heart desires are from source
know that the only pure way to experience them that will benefit all concerned
in the best and highest manner is to experience them via your alignment with source

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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