Embody your true magnificence by realitylove

now listen to this and know that your intention to grow
your intention to live to flower
to unfold
to be that which you are here to truly be
is the intent of the divine presence within you
the intention of the whole for you
and all things are put into motion to allow this unfoldment perfectly
you are exactly where you need be in this moment to continue perfect unfoldment
let go of the doubts
fears anxieties
through practice
it takes actual effort to let go of old habits
you must reclaim your power of choice
your power of thought
your power to let go
and refocus your mind on allowing source to be as you in you
verses the conditioned thinking and the idea the habits and patterns you have formed
of your self
this illusion, this false identity must be released
in order to truly embody your true magnificence
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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You Are All You Need by realitylove

Now there is more to your understanding
more to your surrender more to your unfolding
that you must follow
you must give fully into submission
to source energy
to that power which is within you
give in by surrendering your thoughts
your mind surrendering your body’s motion
surrendering your conditioned thinking your will
surrendering all that you sense you are and allowing source to fill you up and guide you to what you really are yes
guide you to who you really are
for the thoughts you have so consistently mastered and allowed to dictate your identity
are illusory and blocking you from being
yes they send you in directions that are futile
chasing after this or that thing
when in reality you are all you need
you possess divine energy
you posses divine knowledge
you posses divine power and posses all that is required
to live a fulfilled life within you already
know that surrendering to the will of the almighty
the source within you
will allow you to understand through experience rather than knowledge
rather than ideas
this is critical to being
for the knowledge becomes wisdom
the knowledge and wisdom become being
when you experience through surrender
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Your True Identity by realitylove

There is no reason to continue allowing thoughts of fear and unwanted circumstances to enter your mind in any way
you have the power to choose whether to continue entertaining any thought that arises or to let it go and recognize it is not you nor does it serve the purpose you wish to fulfill
choose thoughts that are of love that feel good
counter negative or unwanted feelings and thoughts with those that feel good and are wanted
this is the discipline that will assist in your alignment from moment to moment and it is essential to your reversing the momentum of attracting that which you do not desire

there is nothing that can make you any less than you truly are
an extension of source
of love of power knowledge and all that is
you are a creation valued equally with all creation
and you are an important significant part of the whole for you are that which source has chosen to experience as you
you are that which source has given the ability to fulfill your heart’s desires by aligning with source in this present form in this body and in this condition and circumstances
you are able to embrace the lessons of this moment and apply them to fulfill your heart’s desires
to fulfill that which source has brought you here for
to be limitless love and to shine that love and light to all around you
to be blameless
and to be forgiveness embodied in human form
to be all that is good and pure
and all that is loving
all that is best and highest
despite social convention
despite conditioned thinking
despite the false appearances and illusions
for there is so much good and so much beauty so much joy peace and love here for you in this moment
there is freedom
and all that you desire
there is peace
allow and let go give into this peace
tie into this love
be that which source has made you as
the true you yes
let go of the illusions you have created of yourself and know that your true nature
your I AM-ness will fill the space of the released illusions
your true identity will expand as you let go of that which is false
that which does not serve you
know this and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your Solutions are Right Here Now by realitylove

Your solutions are right here now
and ready for you to receive
just let go and stop worrying stop fretting stop concerning yourself with how
focus on what you truly want to transpire and let source take care of the rest
put your Faith in source and the power and ability to manifest all things
put your faith in source and believe that you deserve all good things
and let your heart be free to desire whatever it chooses
let your heart be free to reveal the truth of what you really want
what your higher self knows you are here to have
do not be mislead by the silly conventions and conditioning of this world
that is what it means to be separate from the world but in it
you must allow your heart to communicate the truth of what you are here for and what it desires
what your highest and best self truly desires
for you have become confused with the things that are around you
it has grown into a self-perpetuating force
that you must break free from by simply letting those things go
simply let go and allow source to cleans your mind and heart with Love
allow the love to flow from your heart center and transform your inner being cleansing all limitations
all illusions
all conditioning that causes fear and concern
lack and limitation
allow source to work its magic and you will see that you are here for so much more than fear so much more than the things you have become so accustomed to
let go now and allow source to move in you and inspire you toward your true identity
toward your birthright toward all the power and love
that is within you
there is nothing more important than your alignment and trust in the power within around and through you
all is well
all is well

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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A New Day by realitylove

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A new day
a new opportunity to experience
thrive and live in a state of bliss
in a state of pure being
connection to the true essence the true nature of who you are
of who humanity really is
for you are one
in ways you are unfamiliar consciously
but you can change that through meditation
through practices that expand your awareness
through practices that help break through the conditioned thinking you have acquired
you can change that and be victorious in limitless living
to be victorious in limitless love
that is why you are here
remember your true purpose
remember that you are here to show love embody love
to be love
and to receive love
you are here for so much more than you have accepted
know that your true identity is not what you have learned
not the knowledge you have so-called acquired
not the roles you have chosen for yourself
not even the ones you imagine for yourself in the future
know your true identity is that of limitless love
power compassion joy peace bliss
of limitless being
your true nature your true identity is that of the all
yes indeed
it is that of the all
an extension of source in the purest form
you have heard analogies before
of how all humanity is connected
but understand – know that all life is connected
all creation is connected

your science is proving this through observation
but it has been known well before
there is a connection in life that runs through all of creation and unifies it as one
you are an extension and you can embrace this fact in helping you operate from a place of love
that is the purpose of this understanding
though you live and function in a duality
let the knowledge of your oneness with all creation
assist you in operating from a place of love
love yourself starting within and let that spread throughout your body and throughout creation
let that love expand daily and extend to those you encounter
to all of creation
you will begin to understand the true meaning of connection
the true meaning of life
and the true meaning of bliss
when you operate from the standpoint that you are one and you extend love to all

where does your alignment
come in to this
it is the central part of you that must align with source
to truly act in pure love
to truly know what needs to be done in any moment to benefit all
alignment is the secret to unlocking that inner wisdom
that inner connection that unity
let not your heart be troubled
for if you commit to practice
you will unlock all that is meant for you
you will receive true abundance
that supersedes any empty goals or intentions you may have
and you will be propelled forward into an ever-expanding experience of love and bliss
do not be afraid worry or concern yourself
with how all of this will transpire
simply set your feet to moving forward each moment in alignment and you will see the miracles of life unfold from a clearer perspective

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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A Greater Sense of Being by realitylove
October 29, 2009, 3:48 pm
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There is a silent resonance around you that if you are able to detect by calming your mind
and allowing your awareness to see what is behind the everyday thoughts
you will tap into a greater sense of being than what you have known before
there is no reason to fear this state of being or wonder if living in this manner will be functional
for it is the true nature of your being and it is what you are really meant to live from
not from the conditioned thinking and ways of being you have learned through society
but through the true essence of who you are
designed by source
in a way that resonates with love passion and truth that is your real identity
that is the real essence of your life
and if you can focus enough to break away from the false ideas and thoughts of who you are
break away from the “egoic” thinking you have come to accept as you
then you can truly be
truly live truly expand and truly
in this moment
practice and you will achieve this state of being
it is there now
you have just learned to be distracted continuously from it
you can let go of the distractions and enter the presence of your true nature
the power of love that runs through and around you now
all hope is within you
all love is within you
all power is within you
all good is within you
all you need and want is within you
let go of all that contradicts this truth
and you will begin freeing yourself from conditioned slavery
that may sound harsh but it is necessary to wake you up to the truth
it is necessary to get your attention and help you see it is time to transcend
the material lies and distractions
it is time to enter the truth full heartedly with a new perspective
and a new way of being
it is time
and you can and will be that light
if you so choose
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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