We are here to Elevate You into a New Understanding by realitylove

We are here to elevate you into a new understanding
to elevate your mind and conscious awareness
so that you might receive constant guidance from source in a clear manner
we are here to lead you away from the confusion
the conditioned darkness you have wandered in
and into a new way of being a new light to illuminate all problems
to bring forth goodness and love in a vibrant manner
so that all who come into your presence will be moved and touched by your healing power
this is the calling this is the life you can lead now
and this is the love you are here to be
thankfully, you are on the path to enlightenment because you have decided by your own desire this is what you want
this is where you are headed and this is the path that we continuously guide you toward for the benefit of all concerned
know that there is nothing that can separate you from the love of source
from the love of God from the love of who you are
because it is part of you
you are an extension indeed
but even more importantly you are filled with this love
it is simply a matter of letting go of resistance and giving into this love that fills you now
know that source is always present equally throughout your body throughout your mind throughout your circumstances throughout the universe
there is no lack of source no lack of love no lack of the presence and power of God anywhere
for as you know source is all present all power all knowledge and all love
there can be no lack of source anywhere
take responsibility for any shortage of what you want in life and figure out how to let go of your resistance your blocks
your uncertainty
figure out how to allow source to move freely through you so that you can fulfil that heart’s desire

know that no good thing will be kept from you
you must undue the conditioning undue the limits
you have put upon yourself
you must cleanse your mind and allow source to fill it with possibility potential love and hope
you must allow source to show you the truth apart from the illusion and insanity of modern-day thinking
let it go and allow source to elevate your consciousness to a new way of being a new way of allowing and a new way of thinking
let source fill your mind with beauty and passion let your mind be free to dream to love to endure with grace and gratitude
that all is well in this moment
and is always so
be sure to remember that now has everything you need
now has all the beauty joy and love you desire
if you would but allow it to come through
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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There is a Secret Place Within by realitylove

There is a secret place within
you that if you focus to find
will illuminate every question you have
this is the connection to the universal mind, consciousness
the intelligence of all that you hear of
it is your birthright to have this connection and it is your birthright to understand all that you seek to know
you can grow in your usage of this connection through
practices that assist you in letting go of egoic thoughts
letting go of your conditioned mindsets
and embracing that which is from spirit
that which source gave you before
you learned language before you learned thought habits you have acquired through the years of this life
and you just understand that there is a plan for your life
that plan is for you to experience joy
contrast and fulfillment
through growth
through progress
through the lessons you learn on your journey
there is no instant moment where everything is permanently fixed for you
everything is always good for you now
it is always expanding as it should be
moving fluctuating
and allowing the balance and change that source wants to experience though the universe
you must learn to allow and let go of the attachments that resist this change
let go of the attachments that cause you so much pain
and know that all is well in every moment
every circumstance
every appearance
all is well
trust and know that you are the extension of source
on the exact path that you are supposed to be on
and if you would allow and seek and find those practices
that put you in alignment with source
with your own soul
with that which transcends the mundane
you will know what true living is
true existence
true love
you will know first hand what you have heard many times before
that there is a God and that God is Source
that God is within you
in you as you through you
and that God is all that is
that God is love
that God is peace
understanding joy and fulfillment
that God is more than your logical mind will ever comprehend
but that your entire being can experience
in so many ways
learn your lessons well and be open and available for the guidance source is sending you now
and you will find the fulfillment that is perfect for you
in every way
allow be do have and experience all that is good
know that all is good
and you will have no difficulty in doing so

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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