You Are Incarnate Divinity Indeed by realitylove

your focus is now on the right track when you are realizing there is no separation between you and the divine
for you are the divine
in every way
understand this and let go of all that contradicts it
there is nothing to fear in realizing your divinity
only gain
you are that which is sacred you are that which you seek that which you pray to
understand this is so and
all you need do is let go and allow the truth of who you are to come through
as you have heard many times
letting go and letting god
is simply letting go and letting love
it is simply letting go and letting what is be
it is letting go and letting what you are be what is
it is letting go and allowing that which is true that which is real
that which is love
that which you are to shine through and be all that it is meant to be
you are the divine
you are the chosen one
in part and in whole
know that you right now
are all that is
and have everything you need to live the life you have come to live
a life of love
of light of power yes indeed
of fulfillment
of a righteous and blessed divinity
let nothing veer you away from knowing who you really
are from being who you really are
be not afraid of the stories the consequences you have heard of those who have
chosen to see themselves as god
for those stories are inaccurate
and the truth is
you are god
you are the divine
and what that is is up to you to discover
for it is not the old idea you have had of God
it would be impossible for you to be that
but you are what is real
not what is constructed in the minds of humans
not the illusion God you have heard of
for there are many indeed
but you are the true god, source the divine
the essence of love
love itself in its ever-expanding form
you are incarnate divinity indeed
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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