Your right to live this way by realitylove

Work not against that which is true that which is natural
work not against the truest self
the best and highest of what you are
for when you put your mind to those thoughts causing resistance
those thoughts that are negative, that have a charge of negativity and resistance
when you put your mind to those thoughts of judgment
you work against yourself
to no avail but suffering
let this go and allow that which is innate within you to flow freely
unobstructed by limitations , lack and resistance
unobstructed by attachments, judgment and the like
let this go and allow the source of all that is to exist in and as you without obstruction
why is this important
because it is a way of being that is your true nature
a way of being which many have forgotten
many have abandoned
and it is your best and highest right to live this way
for it is the way to bliss, the way to peace the way to transformation
the way to fulfillment
the way to your soul’s desires
it is indeed the way
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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