Feelings will assist in combination with the Intellect by realitylove

The line between that which is and that which is illusion can be difficult to comprehend
difficult to experience for those who are unwilling to surrender to what is
for those not yet ready to give up whatever necessary to find truth, ultimate truth if you will
surrender to that which your soul desires most
surrender to the will of source
is more important than obtaining any material thing or condition
it is critical to understand that your reasoning your logic
your intellect
will only do so much
your internal states
and feelings will assist in combination with the intellect
but still there is a certain surrender required that these must assist you in reaching to fully realize your true nature yes
to fully realize who and what you are
not just the intellectual understanding
but the actual experience of what your true nature is yes
that is what you most desire
that oneness that powerful purity of being
that is what your soul truly desires most
that is alignment at its best and that is limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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