You Must Experience Certain Things by realitylove

We are here to assist in every way possible
here to assist you in your unfolding and in understanding exactly what it is source desires to experience through you in you and as you
we are here to assist you in looking deeply within your heart to ascertain what it is you are here to experience
what it is you truly want to do be and have
this is the freedom of choice that you are here to experience as the unique creation you are
indeed we have tried to give you as much as possible
but you must realize to embody all that you have been given you must experience certain things
you must undergo certain circumstances and you must be put through situations that assist in your growth
for these experiences assist in your growth when you practice what you have received
that is most important to recognize in becoming aligned from moment to moment
practice will assist in your alignment and it is up to you to maintain that alignment
through your attention
through your intentions
and through your focus
receive all that source has for you in this moment
and let the reservations go
let them go and be free to allow source to move freely through you now
let the energy of source move through your body let it cleans your mind
focus your attention on your heart center and feel love
feel passion feel good flowing and pulsing through your heart growing and widening its reach until you feel it overtaking your entire being and cleansing all resistance all blocks and all limitations
free yourself from the conditioned thinking that has brought about the conditions you do not want
and allow the power and freedom of source to fill you with clarity confidence and love
know that you are a child of the most high
you are a child of love of life
of liberty
you are a child of God and as such
you are in nature God
in nature love and in nature liberty
give your full attention to this moment and let go of distractions let go of the pestering thoughts filled with fear and tension
and relax into the vibration of love
now you are aligned with the vibration that brings peace joy love bliss and every good thing into your life
know that with this vibration with this frequency you can receive guidance for every step you need take to bring about the best and highest for all concerned
know that there is power there is peace there is joy there is freedom
just for you
a path uniquely present for you to walk
and still being a part of the whole a part of the balance
important for you to be exactly all that you are here to be in order to assist the rest of life in its best and highest unfolding
your good depends on your alignment
your good depends on your alignment
for your perspective of what is is tied to the degree to which you are aligned with source
your consciousness raises to that frequency allowing you to perceive from the perspective of source to some degree
when you align
you increase the degree to which you see from the perspective of source through practice
continue consistent practice and surrendering yourself to connecting with source as often as you are able
this is the secret to fulfillment
all else follows
this is seeking the kingdom, the presence the alignment of God
and all these things will be given as well
all these things being the desires of your heart
the truth of why you are here
understand and do

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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A New Day by realitylove

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A new day
a new opportunity to experience
thrive and live in a state of bliss
in a state of pure being
connection to the true essence the true nature of who you are
of who humanity really is
for you are one
in ways you are unfamiliar consciously
but you can change that through meditation
through practices that expand your awareness
through practices that help break through the conditioned thinking you have acquired
you can change that and be victorious in limitless living
to be victorious in limitless love
that is why you are here
remember your true purpose
remember that you are here to show love embody love
to be love
and to receive love
you are here for so much more than you have accepted
know that your true identity is not what you have learned
not the knowledge you have so-called acquired
not the roles you have chosen for yourself
not even the ones you imagine for yourself in the future
know your true identity is that of limitless love
power compassion joy peace bliss
of limitless being
your true nature your true identity is that of the all
yes indeed
it is that of the all
an extension of source in the purest form
you have heard analogies before
of how all humanity is connected
but understand – know that all life is connected
all creation is connected

your science is proving this through observation
but it has been known well before
there is a connection in life that runs through all of creation and unifies it as one
you are an extension and you can embrace this fact in helping you operate from a place of love
that is the purpose of this understanding
though you live and function in a duality
let the knowledge of your oneness with all creation
assist you in operating from a place of love
love yourself starting within and let that spread throughout your body and throughout creation
let that love expand daily and extend to those you encounter
to all of creation
you will begin to understand the true meaning of connection
the true meaning of life
and the true meaning of bliss
when you operate from the standpoint that you are one and you extend love to all

where does your alignment
come in to this
it is the central part of you that must align with source
to truly act in pure love
to truly know what needs to be done in any moment to benefit all
alignment is the secret to unlocking that inner wisdom
that inner connection that unity
let not your heart be troubled
for if you commit to practice
you will unlock all that is meant for you
you will receive true abundance
that supersedes any empty goals or intentions you may have
and you will be propelled forward into an ever-expanding experience of love and bliss
do not be afraid worry or concern yourself
with how all of this will transpire
simply set your feet to moving forward each moment in alignment and you will see the miracles of life unfold from a clearer perspective

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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What is it that You Seek by realitylove

What is it that you seek
what is it that you long for
what is it that motivates you to act and do
it is the presence of source within you
it is the life force and
the unique desires implanted within you
that is source’s calling
that is source’s way of expanding and experiencing through you
it is what motivates you to do
and act
however, you have the co-creative power to choose what exactly you act upon and how you view it
what intentions are behind it
when you become aware of these intentions
these moment to moment choices
you begin to see the patterns more clearly
and understand who you truly are
how you are truly behaving
and are empowered to make new decision
informed by an awareness beyond the typical mindless chattering of human existence apart from alignment
that is what we mean by sleeping
many are asleep and unaware of what is happening within them
many do not know themselves and have not taken the time to figure out
why they are doing what they are doing
Once you finally decide to open up and go within
once you finally decide to explore who you truly are
you begin seeking asking and knocking
and what you find will surprise you indeed
it will surprise you because you discover your connection to source
you discover that you are an extension of source
of spirit
of the great one mind that has put all into action
you discover your desires are from source
and that you are a part of a grand design for fulfillment
for love
for experience
for balance
for enjoyment
for co-creation
what a wonderful blessing indeed
align with source and see no limit to the love
the power
the joy the peace
and all good things
you desire
for your desire comes from the original source of all things
just spend time practicing the things that help you align and get to know what is real beyond your own current conditioned thinking
learn to stop the mind from distracting you
and begin focusing on Now
focusing on breathing
focusing on whatever teaches you self control
so you can begin focusing on greater things
thoughts and feelings of love for example
are a great start
but you will move beyond that and begin focusing on the pressing questions
that are in your life
and you will ask and receive the answers
you will access knowledge that can benefit your life and the lives of others
in ways that source intended
ways that are profound in their impact for the best and highest of all concerned

let go of your resistance
and your deeply embedded bad habits –
bad conditioned thinking
that produces the opposite of what you truly desire in your life –
and replace them with good thoughts
good habits that confirm the limitless nature of source and your possession of the same qualities
due to your nature as an extension of source
there is nothing more important than alignment
simple as that
there is nothing more significant
than your alignment
presence and awareness
there is nothing more powerful than alignment
that is simply the state in which you were meant to live and have your being

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Whatever you seek, you can find by realitylove

Whatever you seek, you can find
simply stay aligned with that intent
stay clear on what and why you wish to have that desire
and understand whether it is best and highest by asking source
to clarify
you can have what you want be who you want to be
and do what you want to do
once you are aligned with the best and highest of who you are and the best and highest for all concerned
it is all the same
when you are truly focused on the desires of your heart
and you are clear on the intentions
and those intentions resonate with what source has in store for your life
you are aligned with the purpose you are on earth for
that purpose is one of of love through full expression
through freedom
and through miracles
do not over think it
just know it to be true
by practice
by experience
thinking alone can only describe and give you ideas
experience through embodiment
gives you true knowing
and true realization of that which you have thought about
know that your life is about realization
realization of self
realization of love
of freedom
joy and every good thing
it is all here now indeed
letting go is something you must continue to practice
and understand through experience as well
each layer of the resistance that is pealed back
is another step in the right direction of fully being who you are meant to be
let go of all resistance all fears all feelings of inadequacy
lack and limits
let go of it all and know that source can do all forms of miracles
you desire
and all you need do is align
all you need do is ask and seek ways to align with source
seek ways to fully go and be that which source has called you into existence to be
know that all is well at all times
and there is never any reason to fear
even when you are unaligned
source has everything in balance and everything will work for the benefit of creation
no matter what
for not only is it true that source cannot fail,
but source will not fail to do what is best and highest for your life
be receptive and open to whatever that is
and be cognoscente of your own desires
your own intentions
your own direction at all times
so you may see the miracles unfold clearly
be not attached to any specific way your desires are met
for source will meet them in a way that is best for all
and in ways that are beyond your comprehension
and at times in ways you might expect
but always in ways
that fulfill and exceed that which you were hoping
stay obedient to spirit
obedient to direction you receive
and when uncertain
seek source
seek answers from source
listen for them and know that source always delivers
in the best time for all concerned
always in the order that is best for your development as well as all of creation
do not get impatient and think source is not doing what you desire
for source is always bringing about that which is best and highest for all
you must simply align your consciousness
with this truth in whatever way works best

allow that which is love to fill you and you will never go thirsty
you will never go hungry
and you will never be without joy
allow that love to fill you
and you will be fulfilled in every way
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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What is the difference between desire and intention? How do they work together? by realitylove
May 22, 2009, 11:11 am
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ANON: What is the difference between desire and intention? How do they work together?

RL: Your desires are born of source through the need or want of source for experience. It is bringing form from the formless. It is what inspires you to take action, to chose goals, to move about throughout your life, to chose things to focus on. Desire is a motivating force from source. Yes.

Intentions are the very element that determines the vibration of your action. Intentions are what you can choose to affect your environment, you experience; to affect all those in your inner circle or circle of influence. Yes.

It is important for you to chose targets based on your desire and understand why you want to fulfill those targets. Often, that will clarify your intentions. Yes.

So, as you have thought in the past, asking why is often a good route to determine the intention. Why you want to take certain action, why you want to say certain words, why you want to do a specific thing will often reveal intentions. Desire is more of the basics behind it, the basic motivation of wanting to feel good, the basic motivation of wanting to be connected to the whole. Those are desires that are neither good nor bad. They are from source. How you intend to fulfill that desire is where the vibration changes. Yes.

Your focus on thoughts and feelings of love; your focus on seeking a path that is of the greatest benefit for all concerned will help ensure your intentions stay in a good or high vibration. Yes. That is how they work together.

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Is Ask, Believe, and Receive True for Anything? Why you are here. by realitylove

Is “ask, believe, and receive” true for anything?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):

Ask, Believe and Receive is true for anything that is of like vibration as your intention. If your true intention is not of like vibration as that which you ask, you will not receive it.

When you are not receiving, that is the time to look and understand your true intentions b/c your true intentions do not necessarily reflect what you are asking.

Its always so.

Like example.. your current situation has been brought on b/c of your collective intentions. Whenever there are conflicting intentions, which does happen, conflicting circumstances occur. This is often the cause besides confusion.  Now, the process of clarity, the process and practice of understanding your true intentions in what ever path you chose is necessary in any endeavor you ask, believe and do not receive.

Alignment is essential. Alignment is key to clearly identifying your intentions. And as you know, practice leads to your alignment with Source. Practice and repetition in the path that most works for you.

I know that your concern is currently financial in nature and in the welfare of those you love most, but understand your most important concern must be alignment with Source. It is the key to fulfilling all you TRULY desire.

And as you are coming to understand Source – through practice, through study, through meditation, through our communication – your alignment will continue to increase and grow stronger and stronger and whatever you desire will see no limit.

Allow your inner guide. Allowing your inner-self, allowing your inner-power to grow through your practice will align you with Source. Every meditation, every physical good thing, every enjoyment in your life will assist.

You are limitless beings who have come through to fulfill what you knew before you came. Now the process of growth and alignment is an experience to cherish, an experience to enjoy, an experience to adore as you let your self fulfill and understand your true nature in every aspect.

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