Aligning With The Best And Highest Of What Is by realitylove

For another day has passed
and yet you still wonder what to do
you still wonder what should come
what should come next and what to do next
realize this moment is ripe with everything you need
has every answer
all you need do is embrace and accept all that is and allow source to bring to you that which you ask
it is the process of aligning with what is
aligning with the best and highest of what is that is your responsibility
aligning with love
through the practices we have explained
finding whatever practices work for you
seeking to understand and know what your soul truly desires
and creating it within
not the external manifestation
but the internal
knowing that all else is irrelevant
that is the way of the peaceful warrior
that is the way of the aligned
that is the will of source
that is your soul’s desires
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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