Notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment by realitylove

oh what a joy to be free enough to act without judgment
to see without judgment
to give without judgment
oh what a blessing it is to receive without judgment
to breath without judgment
to live without judgment
for we only judge that which we perceive in ourselves
indeed the condemnation is always from a place of guilt for whatever is within, in some capacity
notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment
as warning signs that there is something inside of you
that needs addressing
let your anger alert you to the need to heal within
not to slash out at your external
for you are only bothered by your reflection
you are only responding negatively to that which is already within
in some way or another
not necessarily the exact same thing as in guilty of
but perhaps the polar opposite or resistance to
any of these can cause judgment
and this is what needs to be addressed within
let go of the resistance to what is and understand your healing is far more important than changing the external, than even changing the perception
perhaps the perception simply needs to be let go rather than changed
perhaps you simply need to feel into what is in order to heal and shift
whatever the case focus on being through the judgment and allow yourself to come out of the conditioning
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your Willingness to Let Go by realitylove

Your alignment and your reliance on source
is always
conditioned by your willingness to let go of attachment let go of judgment
and let go of limitations
source wants to experience vastness and expansion through you
and your judgments your attachments and your limitations prevent that
this is resistance
resistance to the truth of what is
the truth of what is ever-expanding goodness
yes you have heard things are what they are
and there is no right or wrong
no good or bad
however there is good in everything
if you choose to see it
there is good for good is love
good is God
bad is an illusion
good is not
so understand from the perspective of contrast and the perspective
of polar opposites
good and bad are relative and illusory
however from the perspective of source
all is good
and that is where you want be
that is what you need to align with
seeing the good in all
this is important for your continued growth in a way that brings you to the best and highest for all concerned faster
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned by realitylove

Listen closely as once again we direct your attention to that which you need to hear
we are certain if you would listen closely you will gain what you need to continue growing at the fastest rate possible
and applicable for your situation
there is nothing under the sun new you have heard
but we say this
the only thing there is to fear is that which cannot be done
that is the only thing you should fear
and in truth there is nothing that cannot be done
the answer is always how
for that which you seek there are solutions
and as we have already explained it is simple as making yourself available to the correct vibration and putting yourself in that frequency alignment, that position,
to fully feel see and experience it in your state of mind
then the almighty
the universe, source will bring about exactly that which is best and highest for all concerned in a way that benefits all
understand that life is so complex in its miraculous unfolding
but simple in your role
you are here to experience more than just contrast
you are here to experience the unfolding the bliss
the peace the joy
the love that is all around in and through you
the power
this is you
you are here to cast off limitations to melt blocks
and show the world what it means to be a child of God
for you are God or did you not know
yes you are God
an extension of the true the source the one
that is what you are
and your birthright is to experience the fullness of what you are
to experience the magnificence of this existence and your role in it
you are an ever-expanding ever evolving
always increasing good
and you are a being of unlimited power love and grace
take your place by casting off that which has kept you limited to the illusions
the fears and the constraints your mind has embraced
cast off all limitations
and be open to evolving into new places new spaces
new understanding and greater being
for you are here for a time to shine
not to dimmer
never to be less than
and always to bless those around you with your example of love
your example of light of passion and of joy
be kind to all around you
to your self
to all of creation
know that you are one with this creation with all of humanity with the earth yes with the universe
you are one and you have the responsibility of aligning with your true and highest self
your best self
allow source to guide you to that alignment
and know that you only need focus on “what”
what is love
what is passion
what is joy
what is relief
what is who
what is that which moves your soul
know that all is well and all will work out for the best and highest for all concerned
plug yourself into the flow by removing all resentment from your life
by eradicating resistance and judgment
by accepting the world for the best that it is
and seeing the good in all
by allowing your consciousness to evolve through
focus on thoughts and feelings of love
through focus on benefiting those you care about
through your focus on being a light unto the world
a city on a hill that shines bright for miles and miles
yes that is who and what you are
let source show you how
guiding you step by step
seek ask and knock
trust and know that all will be provided unto you in the best way possible
and so it is

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Follow the heart’s desires by realitylove

Follow the heart’s desires
follow that which you are most passionate about to find why you are really here
to find that fulfillment you truly seek
do not be distracted by the false concerns and solutions around you
know that your heart will guide you to true fulfillment if you would take the time to get clear on what you really want
each day each moment each breath will assist you in expanding that awareness needed to really see clearly
that alignment needed to truly experience life detached from false illusions
the ability to expand and create without concern or worry
to experience without attachment
to love without conditions
that power is one that is within you now
you must let go of all that crowds
that clouds your judgment
that fills your consciousness
with foolishness
let it go and know that the power within you is the same power that created all that is
you are in the image of that power
as an extension
not as a lesser creation
you are magnificent
in every way
you are divine in your essence
you must tap into that power through letting go of all the false conditioning
it is important to understand that you have the power to do this
practice will help you recognize this power fully
and help you tap in and let go
that is why you are called to practice
that is why you are called to seek and find those practices that work for you
to learn to align by tapping into that power within
and letting go of limitations restrictions and concerns
you can be the light that goes out and does exactly what you desire
that inspires with every moment
every breath every desire
others to do similarly
know that there is nothing in your life that isn’t there for the benefit of all concerned
everything you are now involved in is for the best and highest of all
and to teach you the lessons so needed
to teach you to acknowledge source and lean on source for guidance
to go within and let the true wisdom of source unfold from deep within you
yes you have this ability this power
this miraculous wonderful connection
and you can use it now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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