This Is The Ticket To Ultimate Bliss by realitylove

Know that you are here to enjoy
to give yourself completely to that which is yearning to emerge deep within you
that which is best and highest
that which is source
that which you have come to be do and have
yes it is all within you and you can allow it to unfold through love
through focus and alignment with source in each moment
this is the ticket to ultimate bliss
the ticket to all that your heart truly desires and all you need do is allow
truly that is what is required
the action comes through inspiration
the action comes through alignment
it becomes clear, exciting and liberating
effortless instead of taxing and confusing
desperate and conflicting
allow and let the action come from within
let the inspiration unfold and act upon that
let source guide your steps in each moment
this is possible and is simply a choice
it is simply a way of being
that you are more than capable of allowing
let not your heart be troubled with how and the details
simply focus your heart focus your mind
on allowing source to emerge
by getting yourself fin a vibration of love
by focusing on feelings and thoughts of love
by focusing on whatever moves your soul to the point of passion and relief
joy and gratitude
whatever can assist you in aligning with these frequencies is where you need to be to align with source
this is where you need be to receive the clear inspiration from source and to be guided in each moment toward what is best and highest for all concerned
let not you heart be troubled
by the complexities of understanding everything
sometimes it is best to jump when you have seen enough than to try and understand the entire ecosystem of a lake
enjoy the now and move on faith let source take you the rest of the way and you will see the beauty of life unfold before your eyes
just jump
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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