The miracles of life that are already here by realitylove

and as we begin to fill your mind with ideas of a higher vibration a higher nature
your surrounding will manifest the same
that which is best and highest for all concerned indeed
and you shall see the very essence of a thing mold the outer circumstance
for it is with this power this truth
that fortunes are made and retained to do the best and highest good
it is with this power that true service is performed
know that all is always well
and those who surrender to what is
to spirit yes
those who surrender to the real
they are indeed the ones who inherit the kingdom of heaven
they inherit bliss
inherit the true resonance of life that is here for them
and so as you decide to surrender your mind surrender your thinking
to that of greater and higher vibrations to that of the best and highest for all concerned
you will experience the miracles of life that are already here happening in every moment
they will just become more prominent in your conscious awareness
and you can rejoice in the ever-present love
participating in the best and highest service to all mankind
this is the path to fortune fulfillment
and all your soul desires
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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