It is not that the power does not exist by realitylove

and what of the nonsense the mind chatter
the illusions
do they really have any more power
than that which is real
they do not
indeed the real power is your recognition of who and what you really are
an extension of the infinite power which has created all that is
yes this is your true being
recognizing it allows you to access the limitless power at your disposal yes
this is why it is important to release the false beliefs
that rob you of your power
it is not that the power does not exist
it is simply that you have believed an illusion
and thus do not use the true power that is there
let go of the limitations and understand who and what you are
for you are the divine incarnate yes
make no mistake about it
you are that power that has created all of existence
the cosmos
all galaxies
all parallel universes
all possibilities
you are that power infinite and all loving
and you have come to experience this individualized journey
so that you may enjoy being at one from this perspective
unique in every way
yet still one with the whole
know that you are here for the unfolding of your soul
in magnificent ways
free of suffering
and all you need do is allow
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The Power of Conscious Choice by johnhstringer

whether you focus your mind consciously or not
you are in the act of thinking existing being in some form or another
it is important to become aware during your waking moments
what your mind is focusing on what you are feeling
and making a conscious effort to align your feelings with the best and highest vibrations
those of enthusiasm those of gratitude joy
those if inspiration
seek this and be transformed through consciously focusing your mind on the best and highest
consciously focusing your mind on what is good excellent what is noble
what is pure what is uplifting
kind and loving
realize this starts internally and is tremendously difficult to force upon the external in fullness
without applying internally first
realize that your power of conscious choice is the steering wheel or the ores
with which you navigate the waters of existence
and which you use to create the internal peace joy love
you desire
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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