Free yourself from the clutches of illusion by realitylove

let nothing stop you from
true unfolding
from learning that which you truly are
from testing that which you truly
from freeing yourself from the clutches of illusion and being the wonderful
magnificent image of god that you truly are
let no one defame you or convince you to be less than the truth
less than reality
let none defame you by calling you less than divine
for you must accept only truth
but this truth must be manifest in your life not just believed
that is no more powerful than those who claim that powerless beliefs full of contradiction and harm are the truth
you must be different by testing the truth and seeing that you are what you believe
seeing that you are what your soul tells  you
of course you must ask your soul what you are
ask the essence of your soul
ask source what you are
and you will find you are source
you are an extension
here to be love
here to live
here to prosper
here to be magnificent
anything less is compromise of  your birthright
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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