You are so confused when it comes to manifesting by johnhstringer

let go
let the flow take you into states of pure bliss
of inspiration
fear nothing
for nothing can harm nothing can destroy nothing can take away what is true
what is real
what your essence is in reality
let go of the illusions
the attachments to and concerns for external things
situations circumstances
and trust that source is already in full knowledge of what is best and highest for you
and is already in place to provide you the best and highest good
and allow it to come without resistance
without fight
this is key to your development
because you are so confused when it comes to manifesting
you think it is a direct result of your conscious choice
but realize it is a direct result of your aligning with the best and highest mind
the only mind
when you align you conscious choices with what is best and highest for all
that is when the suffering ceases
that is when the ease and frequency explode
that is when the miraculous manifests
when you align your choice, align your consciousness
with the will of source, the best and highest manifests and you have no need to concern yourself with how
only trust that it is so
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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